10 Reasons NOT to Practice Yoga

Yoga Postures Demonically InspiredYoga Postures Demonically Inspired

Here are 10 reasons for why you should not practice Yoga or should immediately stop practicing Yoga if you are currently doing so

1. It promotes idolatry of self

Yoga is a direct product of the false Hindu religion. In this diabolical stream of thought, pantheism is preached as truth, i.e., that God is literally everything and everyone, so that one is a fraction of God or God Himself in a single embodiment. For this reason, in the practice of Yoga, one finds an overemphasis on self-exaltation. This general tendency may incline you to the idolatry of your own flesh, which it is also quite absurd, since at some point we will all die and turn into worm food.

2. You are exposed to the propaganda of a false religion

Even if you yourself approach Yoga from a secular perspective (like a sport) you will soon realize that the Yoga Teacher and their most advanced disciples clearly understand that what they are doing is a religious act and will seek to draw you to this way of thinking, to the detriment of your soul.

3. By being a demonically inspired religious practice, yoga necessarily promotes demonic possession

“For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.”

1 Paralipomenon (1 Chronicles) 16:26

To be exact, every false religion promotes demonic possession by opposing the truth, however, Yoga in particular, with its emphasis on the flesh, is really an ideal vehicle for this to be carried out. This is particularly true because it is common to find yoga exercises that include quasi-religious terminology or that explicitly seek a (diabolical) preternatural effect such as you getting “energy” by focusing on breathing with the torso, or by breathing in a certain way. Other exercises indicate things as ambiguous as “feeling the universe” or things of that style.

Many forms of Yoga practices include meditation or recitation of mantras, which furthers your risk of demonic possession. Since mantras are constant repetitions of words in the Hindi language, those words in most cases are prayers to the false gods (or rather demons) of India, particularly the devil Krishna.

4. It exposes you to bad companions (a whole subculture of idolaters)

If a person practices yoga, they will inevitably find bad company that will exposed them to corruption. These bad companies include the following characters:

4.1.- The fully convinced idolaters, for example, a “monk” completely committed to the cause of Hinduism

4.2.- The liberal extremists, for example, people who radically support the dissolution of all borders worldwide and the formation of a world government, that strongly agree with the forced redistribution of wealth, that deny that there is sin or something objectively immoral and that support the most extreme forms of sexual perversion, sodomy for example, as well as the practice of sexual acts between several people at the same time, the “communities” based on fornication, nudity, etc.

4.3.- You are highly likely to find The drug addicts among Yoga practitioners who think pridefully that their addiction is something close to a virtue, or directly a virtue. They think that using drugs “raises awareness” or even think insanely that they are reaching a higher level of understanding. People of this level of perversion are not shy in sharing their satanic ideas and what is worse is that they are usually malicious enough to present their arguments in a cunning and persuasive manner.

4.4.- It is also possible to find The sentient occultists. That is, people who regularly practice magic or that do satanic experiments based on intuition. Some of them have a high regard for Theosophy or even for Alesteir Crowley, others may be Masons, others even follow Alejandro Jodorowsky and openly practice Psychomagic.

4.5.- The radical vegans (idolaters of animals)

It will not be uncommon to find people who believe that animals are superior to humans, and even advocate such extreme, uncharitable and satanic ideas such as saying that humanity is a pernicious cancer and that global population control and population reduction are a highly desirable ideal. Among these same individuals you may find people who advocate all kinds of forms of birth control or that say wicked phrases like, “I’ll never have children, we are already too many on this earth ”

4.6.- The land idolaters (fans of Greenpeace)

In this same category as the radical vegans, or perhaps they might be fused together, are found those who point out that the earth is “our mother” and that we are morally inferior to it. It is no wonder they are indignant to see images of pollution from factories and have positions that favor land care above the lives of any number of humans. They go so far as favoring the idea of relocating entire populations if an animal population or an ecosystem is affected by human activity. Such positions are ruthless and truly satanic.

But perhaps the worst part of all these bad companions is that their level of malice is usually so high that it can corrupt almost anyone who engages with them, at some level or another. They are actively trying to be kind and appear all round noble and charitable. They are completely blinded by their evil doctrines and therefore consider all the garbage that they promote, as something truly valuable that must be given to the world.

“Because thou sayest: I am rich, and made wealthy, and have need of nothing: and knowest not, that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

Apocalypse (Revelation) 3:17

5. Practicing Yoga is to participate in religious indifferentism

If someone practices Yoga they are intrinsically involved in the practice of religious indifferentism, ie, the doctrine that has been solemnly condemned by the Church that no religion is really bad and that practicing certain elements of other religions is not morally reprehensible.

A position that will lead you to hell if you embrace it.

6. Practicing Yoga also involves committing sins against chastity

Generally if someone is practicing Yoga, they do not either care about morals or Christian values. But still, it is necessary to expose all possible facets of this evil practice, in the hope of alerting the public and those who are seeking the truth.

Another reason for why not to practice Yoga is because it promotes mortal sins against chastity. This is mainly because the outfits that people often use (both men and women) are often immodestly tight to the body, and also because the positions in and of themselves are inappropriate and often can be compared to postures that promote lust, being positions that draw direct attention to the private parts of the human body.

7. Yoga makes you imitate demons. Literally!

It is quite interesting that some yoga postures are extremely similar, or even identical, to the positions that the human body takes when under diabolic possession, As can be seen in the following comparison

Yoga Positions are Demonically Inspired

Personally I think this is anything but a coincidence, but rather a powerful evidence of their infernal origin.

8. Engaging in Yoga involves practicing acts of idolatrous genuflexion

Many yoga postures suggest reverential postures that contain strong religious connotation, however, the recipient of such reverence often involves acts of idolatry. For example, in video recordings of Yoga teachers sold or circulated on the Internet, it is not unusual to find a Yoga posture followed by an explanation of a religious nature that invites “reverence” to the earth, the universe, or oneself, to feel the “love” of the cosmos, or something similar, whereby each position becomes a variant of a genuflexion (like the act of kneeling) with an explicitly religious and idolatrous connotation.

9. Yoga is not just a sport

Many people think that is not bad to practice Yoga if you think of it as a sport, i.e. something used only to stay fit and healthy and nothing else. However, it is important to refute this notion, especially since the physical “benefits” of practicing Yoga can be easily replaced by other forms of truly neutral sports. So it really begs the question why anyone would be so attached to Yoga if it is possible to be physically healthy with other perfectly acceptable ways?

The reason is simple. People who want to practice yoga are not only attracted to the elements of physical improvement that such a practice may provide, but are attracted by the philosophy, the religious implications and the idolatrous religion itself. This is true even if you do not want to accept it. Someone who thinks this way has most likely already been tainted by evil doctrines within their soul.

Most people associate Yoga, even in its more “neutral” versions, with a different culture and a non-Christian religion, and this often attracts them directly. In some cases people who generally have poor health and poor physical condition, continue practicing Yoga because they are attracted to the religious aspects of such practices.

Some people openly believe that the practice of Yoga involves rather a reverential communication with oneself or “the cosmos” and is basically a religious ritual and a way to “pray” to the body. Others begin to practice it for the lifestyle it represents, even though they generally do not care to be either physically fit or healthy.

10. Yoga can hurt your body

I leave this point at the very end because it is the least important. Besides destroying your soul and leading you to hell, Yoga can also be harmful to your body, as some positions actually contradict the natural body structure. These positions are the equivalent to clatter in the world of sounds, as they are disordered postures that can cause pain or can even cause further damage.

There you have it, 10 reasons to stop practicing Yoga. I hope you find it useful.

10 Reasons NOT to Practice Yoga

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