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Origins of this Traditional Catholic Apostolate

Important Note: This Catholic Apostolate is not affiliated with Most Holy Family Monastery. Although we share the same Catholic Faith, revealed by God to the Apostles, this apostolate is independent.

Hello, my name is Jorge Clavellina, and I am the Editor of Rex Israel.

This ministry began in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on October 22, 2012, about a month after my conversion to the Traditional Catholic Faith, which was the result of the tireless work of Most Holy Family Monastery, more specifically, of translations of their invaluable research into Spanish, since then, though I knew English, I did not know to the level needed to understand complex issues, and even less to make personal decisions that transform life completely, such as convert to the Catholic Faith .

At first my idea was to generate a lot of material with the goal that people knew and contact Most Holy Family Monastery. Which is the only Catholic organization that exists these days.

Our goal with Rex Israel

To bring to the next level our efforts to spread the Catholic faith, we opened this website, which we designed from scratch with a specific idea. To be a unified website where content is published in several languages with a Catholic perspective. And in particular, translations of the invaluable material of Most Holy Family Monastery, led by Brother Michael Dimond, OSB

As I noted at the beginning of this presentation, my conversion had its roots in reading in Spanish the Catholic material that Most Holy Family Monastery has produced, which is why I deeply understand the value that translations can play in the destiny of souls, and I am determined to do my utmost to make the articles that they have produced available in more languages. For the glory of God and love of neighbor.


Finally, I would like to share with you one of our core campaigns to reach people in other countries, which will be also available as an individual article. And I would like to explain why.

Since the translations of catholic documents which prove that Francisco is not Pope and the Second Vatican Council taught heresy, it takes time and can sometimes costs money (in the case of hiring the services of a professional translator) is that I started to think about alternatives that give the option to potential converts, who know nothing of the information of Most Holy Family Monastery to know at least the basic of the things necessary for salvation.

Therefore I reached the conclusion that perhaps the best way would be creating a small letter that summarize the points required for salvation, as well as including videos that demonstrate such positions. Thus the translation of such letter will be more feasible.

This letter then can be quickly translated into other languages, as a first step to alert other souls of what is happening in Rome and what they must do to be saved. And then we could continue with more detailed texts, that Most Holy family monastery, in their charity, already published in various languages.

Mensaje importante para tu alma (Spanish)

Important Message for your soul (English)




About Us

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