Brief Catechism Against Psychology


Question: What is Psychology?

Answer: In modern terms, psychology seeks to study with secular methods the human mind. Or more precisely, the human soul. The same term comes from ancient Greek ψυχή, transliterated psyche, “psyche”, “soul”, “mental activity” and λογία, logy, “treatise” or “study” literally “study or treatise of the soul”.

Question: Is Psychology then acceptable and safe?

Answer: No. The absolute majority of Psychology is pernicious, dangerous, heretical and contrary to Catholic Doctrine.

Question: In particular, why is psychology generally against sound doctrine?


Let’s see… Psychology is pernicious because it promotes the idea of ​​”mental health” or rather “health of the soul” or “spiritual health” as something possible without the true faith and the sacraments of the New Law.

It is dangerous because it has been embraced as a neutral, “objective” and respectable discipline in the eyes of the world, which makes it more effective in inculcating their perversions.

It is heretical and contrary to Catholic doctrine because almost all of its tendencies deny at least some central point of Christian doctrine.

Question: What can account for the advancement of psychology in the world?

Answer: The effort of the Devil and the bad will of mankind. With psychology the devil was able to promote the lie of supposedly seeking the ‘health’ of souls with secular means, with which the figure of the Priesthood was substituted.

Question: If a Catholic cannot allow himself to consult a psychologist or be a psychologist what should they do?

Answer: The root of human suffering is sin and apostasy. If a person stops committing mortal sins, becomes Catholic and prays the Rosary of 15 mysteries every day, his suffering should end and his mind and soul will be restored to health.

In the case of those who are tempted to want to “help” with useless psychological theories and methodologies. They must first make sure to be in the state of grace and subsequently promote the spiritual and mental health of people by promoting the Catholic faith, the Holy Rosary and the abandonment of mortal sin.


Brief Catechism Against Psychology

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