Catechesis: What is grace?

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What is grace?

– Grace is a supernatural gift that God gives us to attain eternal life.


How many types of grace are there?

– There are two kinds of grace: sanctifying grace and present grace.


What do we call sanctifying grace?

– We call sanctifying grace the one that makes us children of God and heirs of the Heavenly Kingdom.


How is sanctifying grace lost?

– Sanctifying grace is lost through mortal sin.


What are the Main Means for Achieving Sanctifying Grace?

– The main means to attain sanctifying grace are: prayer and the Sacraments.


It is a supernatural gift, interior and permanent, that God gives us, through Jesus Christ, for our salvation.

Supernatural Gift, because it overcomes Human Nature.

Permanent Gift, because it dwells in the soul while it is in grace, without mortal sin.

Every pure soul free from mortal sin is in grace.

Only God gives sanctifying grace.

All graces are bestowed on the merits of Jesus Christ.

God gives us the sanctifying grace to save us.

Catechesis: What is grace?

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