The Day Buddha Profaned Assisi, Italy

Buddhism is wrong

On October 27, 1986 in Assisi Italy, the anti-Christ John Paul II brought together 160 leaders of false religions so that they could, along with the enactment and implementation of the invalid New ‘Mass’ of Antipope Paul VI, desecrate in the worst possible way the places sanctified by the prayers of St. Francis of Assisi, by the blessings of Catholic priests and by the presence of Christ in the Eucharist in those chapels for centuries.


Antipope John Paul II’s Teaching

The New Mass is Invalid

All the graces that God provided there, for so many centuries, were so incredibly aggrieved by this beast (John Paul II) and all his friends in evil, but particularly by the Dalai Lama, who is the chief of a stream of Buddhism and who directly claims to be the incarnation of a god. Well, this possessed anti-Christ (the Dalai Lama) was allowed to worship Buddha in one of the chapels of the complex, and it occurred to him to maliciously install the idol of Buddha above the tabernacle.

This height of evil and idolatrous pride was truly historic, as you can see in the video below

In this action, the Dalai Lama was more guilty than most non-Catholics throughout history, as he professed idolatrous worship of Buddha in the same place where Christ had been around for centuries, until the promulgation and application of Antipope Paul VI’s new invalid ‘mass’

All the miracles that Christ performed, all the wisdom that He entrusted us, all the Saints and Martyrs who followed His example, His death on the Cross, His ardent love for men, all trampled upon and despised in favor of an idol representing a man, a reprobate, a nobody.

At the end of the world, this act will be particularly remembered for its shocking malice. I hope that you, as you read these lines, reflect on the abyss of evil that such an event represents, So that you convert your soul to the Catholic faith and seek to obtain the state of grace.

The Day Buddha Profaned Assisi, Italy

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