The Bad Death Of Dr. George Tiller

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Dear Dimond Brothers,


I watched a brief segment on CNN about the abortion doctor who was killed in a Lutheran Church in Wichita.  They interviewed a woman about the killing.  Here is what she said about the abortion doctor : “He was such a good christian man…..what is this world coming to….”   Can you believe that?!  She says that a man who murders babies in such a brutal fashion as partial birth abortion is “a good christian man”.  Then she wonders what the world is coming to because this doctor was murdered!  Why doesn’t she wonder what the world is coming to when unborn babies are legally allowed to be murdered in their mother’s womb by such doctors?  This is someone who’s really blinded by the Devil and living in a world of spiritual darkness.  She thinks she’s a christian but the Devil is preventing her from seeing the abomination that abortion really is, and of course from seeing that the Catholic faith is the true faith.


 MHFM: Yes, the level of spiritual blindness is astounding. 


The Bad Death Of Dr. George Tiller

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