The Envy that People Have Towards MHFM (Most Holy Family Monastery)

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Dear Brothers,

I’m sorry to hear of your being so viciously persecuted by E.H.  Here are some scriptures I thought you might find encouraging.  I think that you may come across a lot of envy and jealousy in the future because of your great honesty, charity, and your mission:

Wisdom 2:23 -25: For God created man incorruptible, and to the image of his own likeness he made him. But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world: And they follow him that are of his side.

Canticles 8:6, 7: Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy as hard as hell, the lamps thereof are fire and flames. Many waters cannot quench charity, neither can the floods drown it: if a man should give all the substance of his house for love, he shall despise it as nothing.

Matt. 27:17, 18: They therefore being gathered together, Pilate said: Whom will you that I release to You: Barabbas, or Jesus that is called Christ? For he knew that for envy they had delivered him.

Acts 5:15 -20: Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that, when Peter came, his shadow at the least might overshadow any of them and they might be delivered from their infirmities. And there came also together to Jerusalem a multitude out of the neighboring cities, bringing sick persons and such as were troubled with unclean spirits: who were all healed. Then the high priest rising up, and all they that were with him (which is the heresy of the Sadducees) were filled with envy. And they laid hands on the apostles and put them in the common prison. But an angel of the Lord by night, opening the doors of the prison and leading them out, said: Go, and standing speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.

Acts 13:45: And the Jews, seeing the multitudeswere filled with envy and contradicted those things which were said by Paul, blaspheming.

Hebrews 7:9, 10: And the patriarchs, through envy, sold Joseph into Egypt. And God was with him, and delivered him out of all his tribulations: and he gave him favour and wisdom in the sight of Pharao, the king of Egypt. And he appointed him governor over Egypt and over all his house.

Philippians 1:12. Now, brethren, I desire you should know that the things which have happened to me have fallen out rather to the furtherance of the gospel: So that my bands are made manifest in Christ, in all the court and in all other places. And many of the brethren in the Lord, growing confident by my bands, are much more bold to speak the word of God without fear. Some indeed, even out ofenvy and contention: but some also for good will preach Christ.

The first saint I invoke after praying the Rosary is St. Drausinus, the patron saint of champions… Apparently the crusaders used to sleep at his tomb the night before a crusade. Also, apparently St. Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was slain in the Cathedral on 29 December 1170, slept at St. Drausinus’ tomb the night before he returned to England from exile in France (1 December 1170).

God Bless,
Kit White


MHFM: Thank you for the e-mail.  It is a very interesting reminder of how often envy was the cause of evil people attacking something good.  Frankly, some of the hatred we have received from people whom one would think would appreciate the work (or much of it) is shocking and inexplicable.  Perhaps you have pinpointed the reason: their frustration at not being able to do anything, so they attack those who are.


The Envy that People Have Towards MHFM (Most Holy Family Monastery)

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