Facebook VS Dissenters

facebook is evilfacebook is evil

The technology monster seeks to combat “fake” news.


7th of December 2016.

It is clear and undeniable that hypocrisy will not end until the end of the world. This month the US Trademark and Patent Office has published the Facebook application for the patent number 0,350,675 in which Facebook describes a semi-automatic system that detects and removes “fake” news.

Surely a system as described above, must necessarily make important judgments about what is true and false, and Facebook is particularly one of the entities that should not create or try to create such a system, since they are strongly committed to the furthest left-wing side of the political spectrum.

It is not clear if this system is to be released in the near future, or whether it is already in use. But efforts like this suggest that the hegemonic media is perceiving that their dominion over people is coming to an end, because more honest positions are being reported by the independent media or even by individuals who have taken the trouble to investigate certain issues and found out what they did.

Hopefully such a system wil end up not working or if applied, that a boycott by users be effective. Otherwise we will return to the 90s, which will be a tragedy in many ways, since most of the content that exposes the truth at least to some degree (and also in the highest degree, like in the case of Most Holy Family Monastery) has been produced by citizens and not by the media.

Some well established examples are the following, each of these examples indicate how necessary the Internet is to find the truth. Clearly, in every case, it would be almost impossible (unless by a miracle) that this information be circulated by the mainstream media:

1. The disclosure by Most Holy Family Monastery of irrefutable evidence confirming that the Vatican is full of heretics of the worst kind, and that John Paul II was the antichrist.

2. The discovery (with solid evidence) that the September 11th attacks were perpetrated by the government of the United States.

3. The dismantling of the Sandy Hook “massacre” lie.

4. The refutation of the official version of the “massacre” in the sodomite club Pulse.

All these examples establish firmly that if Facebook succeeds in its censorship campaign, many people will never find the truth in certain aspects of life, especially with the more important issues.

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Facebook VS Dissenters

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