The ‘Fiat Lux’ Event and the Apocalypse

Copa Derramada en Bruselas

¡Wow!, I just finished watching the last video of Brother Peter Dimond, and is truly powerful, this is a must see:

Also, one of the things I relate to this amazing information is that Our Lady of La Sallete said that “Rome will loose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist” this is just one way of relating this warning from Our Lady with sacred scripture, since the argument Brother Peter explained in detail is irrefutable.

This kind of events and the response of the majority just convince me more that the false traditionalists are perhaps one of the most evil groups in the world today, since they reject the truth right in the face, and even knowing about the astounding work that Most Holy Family Monastery has put out. They are the gatekeepers that keep novus ordo in the vatican two sect, people who might otherwise convert, this evildoers, truly slaves of satan, full of pride and hate for the truth, just continue to twist every abominable event  coming from the counter church and antipope francis, in order to criticize some of it without rejecting the whore of babylon.

1.- They might be like ‘Rorate Caeli’ who criticize this and that with academic language, but keep a picture of antipope francis kneeling and faking prayer

2.- They might be like ‘tradition in action’ who says almost everything right, even lecturing some other false traditionalist for falling in some traps (like the motu proprio of antipope benedict XVI, liberalizing the ‘extraordinary form’) but at the same time calling him Pope, and deluding themselves in the idea that a Reign of Mary will come down the road, and everything will be fixed.

3.- They might be like the possessed Mike Voris, who attack on a daily basis the fake ‘cardinal’ Dolan but misses the chief demon of all, antipope francis, and even complains and upload angry videos saying to all his other fellows “I will never criticize the Pope, if you want to unsubscribe to my website, do it”


What an abomination!

The ‘Fiat Lux’ Event and the Apocalypse

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