Francis’ denies Christ due to Human Respect

Copa Derramada en Bruselas

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This is Brother Peter Dimond, antipope Francis recently meet with the president of Israel and his secretary in Rome, here’s what happened when they meet as reported by

“Israeli president rubin rivlin paid a visit to Francis in Rome, accompanied by his personal secretary rivka an orthodox Jewish woman, when a person usually greets the pope, they sake his hands and bow down, but when rivkas turn came to greet the pope she explain to him that for religious reasons she could not shake his hand nor could she bow down since he was wearing a cross, the pope then cover it’s cross with his hand and bow down to her”

This is another outrageous manifestation of antipope Francis’s heresy an apostasy, he denies Jesus Christ and he would do almost anything to please people, he hides the cross in order to please the Jew, by the way the action of the orthodox Jew is another example of how Antichrist an antichristian Judaism actually is, as their Talmud also shows, antipope Francis has repeatedly rejected converting Jews, atheist and others, in this case we see that the Jew was unwilling to denied her false religion before the cross, while antipope Francis was willing to denied Jesus Christ before the Jew, Jesus Christ said

“but he that shall denied me before men, I will also denied him before my father who is in heaven” Matthew 10:33

Antipope Francis’s action epitomizes the heretical and false theology of the Vatican II sect which teaches and displays that Jews and other non-Catholics don’t need to accept Jesus Christ and his true faith, the catholic faith, the Vatican II sect which is the end times counter church, repeatedly denies Jesus Christ and the teaching of His one true church in order to please non-Catholics just as Francis does, as our material proves, Francis is not a true pope, but a demonic manifestly heretical non-catholic antipope, that’s why he does things like this, he denies many catholic teachings, and it’s imperative for people to understand that he is not the pope and to reject him for the non-catholic heretic an antipope that he is. What people are seeing right now is actually the fulfillment of apocalyptic prophesy the non-catholic Vatican II sect, which has been lead by Francis and the other post Vatican II antipopes, is the prophesied whore of Babylon and the beast, as our material explains, see for example our recent video called “apocalypse 17:8 fulfilled” it’s a very important video,

Those who are following Francis and the Vatican II sect with all of their outrageous actions and novelties are not following the catholic church they are following the prophesied whore of Babylon and the beast, see our website and material for essential information and the truth about antipope Francis an related matters.

Francis’ denies Christ due to Human Respect

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