The Complete Book of Genesis.


Chapter 1

  • God createth Heaven and Earth, and all things therein, in six days.

Chapter 2

  • God resteth on the seventh day and blesseth it. The earthly paradise, in which God placeth man.
  • He commandeth him not to eat of the tree of knowledge.
  • And formeth a woman of his rib.

Chapter 3

  • The serpent’s craft. The fall of our first parents. Their punishment. The promise of a Redeemer.

Chapter 4

  • The history of Cain and Abel.

Chapter 5

  • The genealogy, age, and death of the Patriarchs, from Adam to Noe. The translation of Henoch.

Chapter 6

  • Man’s sin is the cause of the deluge. Noe is commanded to build the ark.

Chapter 7

  • Noe with his family go into the ark. The deluge overflows the earth.

Chapter 8

  • The deluge ceaseth. Noe goeth out of the ark, and offereth a sacrifice. God’s covenant to him.

Chapter 9

  • God blesseth Noe: forbiddeth blood, and promiseth never more to destroy the world by water. The blessing of Sem and Japheth.

Chapter 10

  • The genealogy of the children of Noe, by whom the world was peopled after the flood.

Chapter 11

  • The tower of Babel. The confusion of tongues. The genealogy of Sem down to Abram.

Chapter 12

  • The call of Abram, and the promise made to him. He sojourneth in Chanaan, and then by occasion of a famine, goeth down to Egypt.

Chapter 13

  • Abram and Lot part from each other. God’s promise to Abram.

Chapter 14

  • The expedition of the four kings; the victory of Abram; he is blessed by Melchisedech.

Chapter 15

  • God promiseth seed to Abram. His faith, sacrifice and vision.

Chapter 16

  • Abram marrieth Agar, who bringeth forth Ismael.

Chapter 17

  • The Covenant of circumcision.

Chapter 18

  • Angels are entertained by Abraham. They foretell the birth of Isaac. Abraham’s prayer for the men of Sodom.

Chapter 19

  • Lot, entertaining Angels in his house, is delivered from Sodom, which is destroyed: his wife for looking back is turned into a statue of salt.

Chapter 20

  • Abraham sojourned in Gerara: Sara is taken into king Abimelech’s house, but by God’s commandment is restored untouched.

Chapter 21

  • Isaac is born. Agar and Ismael are cast forth.

Chapter 22

  • The faith and obedience of Abraham is proved in his readiness to sacrifice his son Isaac. He is stayed from the act by an angel. Former promises are renewed to him. His brother Nachor’s issue.

Chapter 23

  • Sara’s death and burial in the field bought of Ephron.

Chapter 24

  • Abraham’s servant, sent by him into Mesopotamia, bringeth from thence Rebecca, who is married to Isaac.

Chapter 25

  • Abraham’s children by Cetura; his death and that of Ismael. Isaac hath Esau and Jacob twins. Esau selleth his first birthright to Jacob.

Chapter 26

  • Isaac sojourneth in Gerara, where God reneweth to him the promise made to Abraham. King Abimelech maketh league with him.

Chapter 27

  • Jacob, by him mother’s counsel, obtaineth his father’s blessing instead of Esau. And by her is advised to fly to his uncle Laban.

Chapter 28

  • Jacob’s journey to Mesopotamia: his vision and vow.

Chapter 29

  • Jacob serveth Laban seven years for Rachel: but is deceived with Lia: he afterwards marrieth Rachel. Lia bears him four sons.

Chapter 30

  • Rachel, being barren, delivereth her handmaid to Jacob; she beareth two sons. Lia ceasing to bear, giveth also her handmaid, and she beareth two more. Then Lia beareth other two sons and one daughter. Rachel beareth Joseph. Jacob, desirous to return home, is hired to stay for a certain part of the flock’s increase, whereby he becometh exceeding rich.

Chapter 31

  • Jacob’s departure: he is pursued and overtaken by Laban. They make a covenant.

Chapter 32

  • Jacob’s vision of angels; his message and presents to Esau; his wrestling with an angel.

Chapter 33

  • Jacob and Esau meet: Jacob goeth to Salem, where he raiseth an altar.

Chapter 34

  • Dina is ravished, for which the Sichemites are destroyed.

Chapter 35

  • Jacob purgeth his family from idols: goeth by God’s commandment to Bethel, and there buildeth an altar. God appearing again to Jacob blesseth him, and changeth his name into Israel. Rachel dieth in childbirth. Isaac also dieth.

Chapter 36

  • Esau with his wives and children parteth from Jacob. An account of his descendants, and of the first kings of Edom.

Chapter 37

  • Joseph’s dreams: he is sold by his brethren, and carried into Egypt.

Chapter 38

  • The sons of Juda: the death of Her and Onan: the birth of Phares and Zara.

Chapter 39

  • Joseph hath charge of his master’s house: rejecteth his mistress’s solicitations: is falsely accused by her, and cast into prison, where he hath the charge of all the prisoners.

Chapter 40

  • Joseph interpreteth the dreams of two of Pharao’s servants in prison: the event declareth the interpretations to be true, but Joseph is forgotten.

Chapter 41

  • Joseph interpreteth the two dreams of Pharao: he is made ruler over all Egypt.

Chapter 42

  • Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt. Their treatment by Joseph.

Chapter 43

  • The sons of Jacob go again into Egypt with Benjamin. They are entertained by Joseph.

Chapter 44

  • Joseph’s contrivance to stop his brethren. The humble supplication of Juda.

Chapter 45

  • Joseph maketh himself known to his brethren: and sendeth for his father.

Chapter 46

  • Israel, warranted by a vision from God, goeth down into Egypt with all his family.

Chapter 47

  • Jacob and his sons are presented before Pharao: he giveth them the land of Gessen. The famine forceth the Egyptians to sell all their possessions to the king.

Chapter 48

  • Joseph visiteth his father in his sickness, who adopteth his two sons Manasses and Ephraim, and blesseth them, preferring the younger before the elder.

Chapter 49

  • Jacob’s prophetical blessings of his twelve sons: his death.

Chapter 50

  • The mourning for Jacob, and his interment. Joseph’s kindness towards his brethren. His death.


The Complete Book of Genesis.

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