HISTORIC: Mexican Deputies Reject Gay “Marriage” Law Proposed By Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

mexico gay "marriage"mexico gay "marriage"

Note: We believe that this news is still relevant although the event occurred more than a month ago.

November 9th, 2016

In an unexpected event, most of the deputies who make up the Committee of Constitutional Points of the Chamber of Deputies voted against the satanic proposal of the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. This proposal was to amend the Mexican Constitution to legalize the “marriage” between sodomites throughout the country. Following the example of the United States.

The voting ended as follows:




Therefore the proposal was completely ruled out, so that the project will no longer pass through the House of Representatives or the Senate.

The President of Mexico, in his extreme arrogance, announced on May 17th of this year (only 4 days after the commemoration of Our Lady of Fatima) his proposal to legalize sodomite “marriage” throughout the country. And also threatened that he would boost a reform for the Federal Civil Code to allow sodomite couples nationwide to adopt.

These deranged announcements generated a widespread rejection among the population, as was evident in social networks, where many of the conversations were clearly inclined to block the proposal.
Comentarios contra la Reforma de Peña Nieto sobre el "matrimonio" gay

Comments on Aristegui Noticias. A left wing news outlet. With comments opposing the proposal.

Translation of the comments:

Lidia Reyes Tapia: Proof of intelligence!

Miguel Hernandez: Till hey do some good!
Edgardo Gamez: Well, at least one aberration not approved

Omar Salazar: Bravo, congratulations, till you guys did something good

Luis Bayardo: Wow, till I see something good coming from the Chamber!

Even though from the standpoint of political calculation it makes no sense that Peña Nieto would have desired to risked and actually lose his support among the population by threatening to destroy the family. The move makes perfect sense when we analyze the influence that the United States usually has on Mexican government trends. Since the United States recently approved the “marriage” between sodomites throughout the whole country.

However, the inertia of Mexico having once been a Catholic country a few decades back, tipped the balance to the conservation of the natural order on this occasion. And this was evident for we see that the Party to which the President of the Republic (PRI – Institutional Revolutionary Party) belongs to, suffered greatly in the gubernatorial elections held in June, losing substantial support among the population.

Those who voted against Peña Nieto’s initiative were the PRI (his own party), the National Action Party (PAN – the party of the Novus Ordo) and the Social Encounter Party (PES – A newly created party).

Commentary from the editor:

With this event, we can be glad that, at least for the moment, the country has avoided serious sin that would have put it on the brink of destruction.

It is interesting that while Protestants usually condemn Catholics as idolaters and liberals, who are thirsty to destroy the world, it is actually in Protestant sects and in countries that have high concentration of Protestantism where liberalism has exploded most violently (As in the United States). So that the sequence of these events could not be more illustrative of the theological truth that the only true religion is Catholic. Protestants in their pride separated themselves from the ark of salvation, believing themselves to be the restorers of the true faith revealed by Jesus Christ. However, four centuries later we see the rotten fruits of these sects. Since liberalism has been established with more strength and has taken a deeper root in Protestant countries.

“By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

Matthew 7:16

Unfortunately Mexico today is no longer a Catholic country, but a country controlled by the Vatican II sect. Still, the fact that this gay “marriage” law, even in these evil times, has not been approved, gives you an idea of ​​how strong the inertia of the Catholic past of this country is. It is for that same reason that until recently, even the anti-popes had to pretend they were conservative. By the inertia of the Catholic past that still existed in certain sectors of the population who follow Rome.

Another detail that catches my attention in this case is that the center of operations of the federal power is in the City of Mexico, where the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is also located, which leads me to the conclusion that in this case, this legislative victory was also a grace from the Queen of Heaven.



HISTORIC: Mexican Deputies Reject Gay “Marriage” Law Proposed By Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

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