Was Hitler A Catholic? No.

Alfred Rosenberg was the head of nazi ideology, in his book “the myth of the 20th century” he promotes the worshipped of Lucifer. this is merely one reason why the book was placed on the Index of forbidden books. Hitler thus put a satanist in charge of the nazi partys ideology department, yet some people falsely claim that Hitler was a Catholic. In 1935 in a town in central germany the head of the district training department said “national socialism is an ideology and that ideology is to be found in Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th century”

He said that this was the official attitude of the party and the furher and that it was quite clear that the Furher stood behind Rosenberg for had entrusted to him the ideological training of the party.

Hitler also praise Martin Luther in the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” he stated that Luther had the merit of rising against the Pope and the organization of the Church, he said that Italy and Germany achieved a unity against the will of the Pope, Hitler called Luther a great reformer in ‘Mein Kampf’ Hitler said he was fighting for a new political faith, “This new political faith is the so called ‘positive christianity’ that Pope Pius XI said it was being used to decristianize Germany and lead it back to barbarous paganism and that catholics were being persecuted for the love of Christ for persons who presented themselves as adherents of positive cristianity.

For many years the national socialist press proclaimed that the nazi state was built up on the basis of a positive christianity, yet any parish priest or Catholic writer who even suggested that the church was oppressed in germany, would it been imprisoned.

Hitler awarded the first state prize for arts and science to Alfred Rosenberg. The official document accompanying this award stated that Rosenberg

“Has in a scientific and penetrating manner laid the firm foundation of an understanding of the ideological basis of national socialism”

Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th century was thus giving indirect approval by Hitler.

The nazi party 25 program states

“that the party advocates the standpoint of a positive christianity without binding itself confessionaly to anyone denomination”

Since Hitler was head of the nazi party he was thus supportive of protestantism he was therefore a heretic because a Catholic cannot support heretics or false religions such as protestantism.

The only true form of christianity is Traditional Catholicism outside of which there is no salvation. The nazis aims was to make national socialist itself a religion, a cult state. The new political faith Hitler spoke of in Mein Kampf. When nazis ordered crucifixes in classrooms to be replaced with the picture of Hitler there were many protests proving that Catholics did not believe in quote “positive christianity”

Alfred Rosenberg wrote that negative and positive christianity were locked in conflict from the beginning. In this dualistic view he called the Catholic Church negative christianity with it’s quote abstract dogmas and hoary Old customs the whole country of germany was flooded with weeklys, monthlys books and pamphlets in which christianity was attacked and rejected a church was expected to give absolute service and undivided allegiance to the national community. In the book ” ‘Positive Christianity’ in the third Reich” the author states that positive christianity was the religion that is grown to become one with the spirit of the german nation throughout the history of centuries, positive christianity was simply paganism, Hitler’s false christianity was satanic. For more information click on the link below called Hitler was a heretic and for critical information on how to save your soul, please go to www.aticancatholic.com

Was Hitler A Catholic? No.

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