The Importance of Preaching in the Last Days


To any present-day Catholic it is evident that we are living in the Great Apostasy. Which is a fruit of bad willed people, who, because they have not received the love of truth which could have saved them. God permitted them to lose the Faith they received with baptism and for Rome to be occupied by a line of diabolical anti-popes since 1958. Due to the slothfulness and infidelity of the nations, we now find ourselves in this disgraceful situation, in which the absolute majority are on the path to Hell.
This situation was prophesied in the apocalypse and Christ Himself points out that when He returns, He will barely find Faith on earth. For this reason the necessity to preach becomes even larger.
We must preach the Catholic Faith because by doing so we are practicing the virtue of Charity. Being that there is no greater love than to sincerely try to help someone reach Heaven. And the door to Heaven is the supernatural possession of the Catholic Faith. Let’s therefore remember St. Paul when he says in

1 Corinthians 13:8, “Charity never falleth away: whether prophecies shall be made void, or tongues shall cease, or knowledge shall be destroyed.”

We should therefore preach using charity towards our neighbor as our fundamental fortitude.
The reason for why we should preach without rest in these dark times is due to an act of justice. In this dark world full of evil people, it is a terrible injustice that Christ, who is the redeemer of humanity, who has shed his precious blood and has loved us so much, now has been completely forgotten and defiled. It is also a great tragedy that along with the forgetting and blaspheming of Christ throughout the world, the antichrist, John Paul II, who kissed the Coran and for decades hid sexual scandals, is now being glorified as a “saint”. It is therefore an act of justice and reparation, every time we proclaim that outside of the Mystical Body of Christ there is no salvation and also every time we declare to people that they should abandon their life of sin, for these only crucify again the Son of God, and every time we publicly declare that John Paul II was the antichrist as he taught that everyone is God including himself.
That way, for each person that falsely believes that John Paul II is a “saint”, it is only just and healthy for us to proclaim the real truth about John Paul II’s extreme wickedness. And for each person that believes that all religions are divine and lead to Heaven, we should publicize with all means possible and with all our might, that Christ only founded the Catholic Church as can be clearly read in

Matthew 16:18, “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

And that all those who try to attain Heaven outside of the boat of Peter, are led astray and strive in vain.

It is also a terrible injustice that the Devil sowed and perpetrated the blasphemous lie that all religions save. Therefore the justice and reparation to Christ, is also united to the justice towards our neighbors, who have been deceived and perverted by infernal doctrines.
Now having made clear the reasons for our obligation to preach, it is also very useful to meditate on the infallible value of Biblical prophesies, primarily the ones Christ solemnly declared. As we know Christ is God and Catholic prophesies are an evidence of the infinite knowledge of the Holy Trinity. These prophesies were not revealed to humanity so that they may be evaded. But that they may save a large-scale of the human race. With this in mind, someone might object: ‘If Christ specified that in His return He will hardly find faith on Earth, then why bother preaching if it seems that one will hardly have success when converting others?’
The first response that comes to mind is the following: We should preach out of personal necessity. For if we do not do it, my opinion is that our salvation would be doubtful. Remember that those who receive more, are expected to yield more. Therefore, it is far-fetched to think that those who have been enlightened with the Faith amidst the seven billion inhabitants of the world, be demanded the same as the pagan or the heretic. It would be insane to present oneself to the Supreme Judge, who is Christ, thinking that the Catholic of these disgraceful times will be judged equally to the Catholics of other generations, for in other times the Catholic hierarchy was well established and therefore the responsibility to make the Savior’s name known was not only the responsibility and obligation of the Catholic laymen but there was also a distinguished responsibility of preaching the Gospel for the ecclesiastical and religious hierarchy of the Church, and even further responsibility for the vicar of Christ on earth. But in our judgement it will not be so, for now we no longer have a standing Catholic hierarchy. Instead of faithful Catholic bishops and priests, we have heretical bishops and priests who are blinded by the light and who attack Catholics.
Therefore our Judgement shall be very rigorous and it is not prudent to merely cross our arms in our days. When even in other ages this was dangerous to have done before facing their Judgement, in our times it is very imprudent and rash. Terrible will be to see Christ enraged with humanity and full of rigor to judge the living and the dead, and having nothing to plead for our own souls, it will be terrible to hear the accusations of pagans and heretics whom God placed in our pathway. Who will complain bitterly that our lack of Charity caused us not to proffer them with Catholic material or give them the slightest sign of their necessity to convert to Catholicism. Terrible shall it be to see that while others strove with sincerity to publish the name of Christ from the roof tops, one was only be able to appropriate an ordinary life, without interest to spread the Faith. Tremble and tremble now, like St. Paul exclaimed while he was still alive,

“…for woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 9-16

Let us be then like those who work with Christ in order to be recompensed by Christ. Let us work diligently and we shall not be deceived. Our recompense and our crown shall be given from Christ’s own hands, who is faithful and holds no room for deceit.
Let us not lose sight of the beautiful and consoling components of missionary undertakings in our dark days. Set aside for a moment all the other reasons and meditations on it, so that we may concentrate on this: By preaching to the world we are glorifying Christ. By pointing out the truth and beauty of His doctrine and of His immaculate life, we enrich and give true adoration to the Lamb of God. It is an act of genuflection and prostration before the Word Incarnate. By preaching we unite with the saints in Heaven, who without rest proclaim that God is Holy and His judgments are just. By it we unite to the Virgin Mary, who full of joy for the truth and love for her Son, glorified the Lord and gave thanks. By preaching we give testimony that God is veracious and worthy of being loved because His ways are beautiful and worthy of being followed. Because a holy life is more beautiful than a depraved one and because all other paths only lead to desolation and Hell.

If preaching were only to be this and did not give us more, it would be sufficient to begin the effort without rest, for the glory of Christ in these times, which are the darkest in all of history since Adam. It shall not be left without reward, let us repeat then with all the saints in Heaven:

“After these things I heard as it were the voice of much people in heaven, saying: Alleluia. Salvation, and glory, and power is to our God. For true and just are his judgments, who hath judged the great harlot which corrupted the earth with her fornication, and hath revenged the blood of his servants, at her hands. And again they said: Alleluia. And her smoke ascendeth for ever and ever. And the four and twenty ancients, and the four living creatures fell down and adored God that sitteth upon the throne, saying: Amen; Alleluia. And a voice came out from the throne, saying: Give praise to our God, all ye his servants; and you that fear him, little and great.
And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of great thunders, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord our God the Almighty hath reigned. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give glory to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath prepared herself. And it is granted to her that she
should clothe herself with fine linen, glittering and white. For the fine linen are the justifications of saints.”
Apocalypse 19, 1-8

We hope that if you are Catholic, if you have the understanding to see that Rome has lost the faith and has dragged the whole world with her. If you accept that Outside the Catholic Church there is No Salvation and that all those who die as non-Catholics will unfortunately go to Hell. We hope that you preach with all the means available. On the internet and in your daily life so that at least wicked people of this generation will have no pretext to appeal with in the Final Judgement or the chance to accuse Catholics while they are being submitted to judgment by the King of Kings, Christ Our Lord.


The Importance of Preaching in the Last Days

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