Important Message For Your Soul

Important message for your soulImportant message for your soul

Hello, I would like to share crucial information for the salvation of your soul. This information is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian, but because of limited resources, the material may not be translated yet in your language. Since I truly desire your happiness and salvation, I will point out quickly what you have to know, and at the end I will include the videos that back up my claims in the languages currently available. If you know any of the languages listed, please see the material that I am sharing with you. It’s crucial for your salvation.

To save your soul the following beliefs are necessary.

1.- You have to believe in the Holy Trinity, the only True God, and in Jesus Christ, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2.- You have to be a Traditional Catholic.

3.- You have to believe the Dogma Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely no Salvation, which means that all who die as non-Catholics are eternally lost.

4.- You have to reject “baptism of desire” and “invincible ignorance”.

5.- You have to realize that the Catholic Church only exists currently in a small remnant of Traditional Catholics, because the ‘church’ that most people think is the Catholic Church, is actually a counterfeit church (the whore of babylon) predicted in the Apocalypse.

6.- You have to recognize that all the claimants to the Papacy since John XXIII have been heretical anti-popes, who are leading people to hell by teaching heresy.

7.- You have to know that the Vatican II Council was a false council which taught heresies against the Catholic Faith and that it is necessary to reject it and stop going to the new ‘mass’. To not support any heretical priests. It’s also important to note that we do not know of priests who should be supported

8.- You have to reject Natural Family Planning and all forms of contraceptives.

9.- Lastly, to be saved you need to pray the Holy Rosary of 15 decades every day, as was recommended by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal.

I would like to share with you all the irrefutable proofs  available about these points, but in the absence of articles and videos in your language, I direct your attention to the most important videos that are available currently in some languages.

The following are some of the titles. These videos were created by Most Holy Family Monastery.



The Third Secret of Fatima

Is The World About To End?

Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God

What Francis Really Believes


El Tercer Secreto de Fátima

¿Se va a acabar el mundo? (2a Edición)

Sorprendente Evidencia de Dios – Evidencia Científica de Dios

Lo que Francisco realmente cree


Le Troisième Secret de Fatima – Nouvelle éd

Le Monde arrive-t-il à sa Fin ? L’Apocalypse expliquée ? – Nouvelle éd

Ce que croit réellement François – l’ ‘évêque’ de Rome

Il Terzo Segreto di Fatima

È il mondo in procinto di finire? Apocalisse spiegata?

Morte e viaggio all’Inferno

Perché Francesco non è Papa

O Terceiro Segredo de Fátima – Documentário (HD)

(COMPLET) Al treilea secret de la Fatima, Impostoarea sora Lucia, şi Sfârşitul Lumii

De ce Ioan Paul al II-lea nu a fost catolic

Moartea şi drumul spre iad

Important Message For Your Soul

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