Index Of Forbidden Things. Introduction

index librorum prohibitorumindex librorum prohibitorum

This section is quite similar to the section titled, “Enemies of Christ“. The only difference being that here, we will like to expose and condemn anti-Christs and false prophets, we will condemn their works and inanimate objects in general. Books, movies, songs, music albums, video games, online games and offline games, web sites, general content lists that are not necessary to directly investigate, applications, and generally any kind of product that can lead to moral perversion, which offends the laws of God, and leads to the ruin of souls.

We will seek to present our information in a direct and concise manner with a prescribed format.

If you noticed, the name of the section, INDEX, is a direct reference to the Index of Prohibited Books or Index Librorum Prohibitorum that was an important tool to protect souls from corruption. But that was illegally “abolished” by Anti-pope Paul VI. Had this publication continued though, the Congregation of the Index would surely have included films and other forms of modern entertainment. But sadly it didn’t came to pass, because it was “abolished” illegally when these forms of content were not as prevalent.

Therefore, our desire is to follow in the same tradition of the Index, and denounce and condemn any product of human malice, no matter what form it takes.

Please take in consideration the following, the articles that you read in this section condemned products of human malice that the same moral law or the Catholic faith (both held by the authority of God) condemned, so that to ignore this list would be mortally sinful, and if you yourself are using any of these products of human malice illicitly, then even if you are Catholic, you’re on your way to hell.

Noticed that I mention “using illicitly” since there is the possibility of investigating certain subjects or certain products with the express purpose of condemning or refuting them, which is what the Congregation of the Index of Forbidden Books did in the past. They read the books a few times to understand their perversion to better condemn it. However, this exception does not apply to almost anyone today.

Finally, this list will never be complete, since the amount of condemnable products is so high that it is simply impossible to include everything that is condemnable.

Use your own judgment for cases that you cannot consult in this section. And also, if you wish that this list be expanded and be a useful tool for the general public, feel free to send a brief article with the pre-established format, and if it’s approved it will be featured here.

Note that your article will be edited if deemed necessary. By submitting your article you accept this agreement. Please send submissions to:


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Index Of Forbidden Things. Introduction

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