Our Lady Of Fatima Will Destroy “Faith Alone”

Our Lady vs faith aloneOur Lady vs faith alone

The following comments were made over the following video:

Comment: Our Lady of Fatima will destroy “Faith Alone” soon. She will end 500 years of protestant revolution. Protestant church will return back to the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Lady of fatima comment
Our Response: You are wrong, Our Lady of Fatima didn’t say that. You are just falling prey of wishful thinking regarding Our Lady of Fatima, just as countless false traditionalists do. We think they end up believing such things because it relieves them of responsibility to some extent. If they just believe that all will end well here on earth and a new renewal of the faith is coming, then there is nothing to really worry about. It is a childish form of thinking. In fact, such thinking can cause a person to come to the conclusion that extremely miraculous graces, such as radical conversions of millions, are just down the road, when the reality is just the opposite.

Please watch this video:

Also if you are not yet doing so, I highly recommend praying the full 15 mystery Rosary everyday.

Our Lady Of Fatima Will Destroy “Faith Alone”

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