Letter To Potential Converts

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This is one of the most important projects on our website and I would like to explain why.

Since the translation of Catholic documents which prove that Francis is not the Pope and that the Second Vatican Council taught heresy, takes time and can sometimes cost money (in the case of hiring the services of a professional translator), I started to think up alternatives that might give the option to potential converts, who know nothing of the information of Most Holy Family Monastery, to get to know at least the basics of the things necessary for salvation.

With that in mind, I reached the conclusion that perhaps the best way would be by creating a small letter that summarizes the points required for salvation, as well as including videos that demonstrate such positions. Thus the translation of such a letter will be much more feasible.

This letter can then be quickly translated into other languages, as a first step to alert other souls of what is happening in Rome and what they must do to be saved. Then we could continue with more detailed texts, that Most Holy Family Monastery, in their charity, already published in various languages.

Mensaje importante para tu alma (Spanish)

Important Message for your soul (English)

Letter To Potential Converts

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