Noah (2014) of Darren Aronofsky: Blasphemies Upon Blasphemies


# Darren Aronofsky’s Noah film, a free interpretation of the Bible taken to its extreme.

“Because as in the days of Noah, so will be the appearance of the Son of man. In the days that preceded the flood, they ate, drank, married, and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark;  and they did not realize until the flood came and snatched them all;  so it will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

In 2014 I saw Darren Aronofsky’s film “Noah,” of which the trailer can be viewed here:

Owing perhaps to the refined way in which the trailer is presented, the film immediately spawned high global expectations, so that when I saw the trailer I decided to go see it; my only concern was one of a technical nature: should I see the movie in a theater, taking the risk that any trailer prior to the film contains impurities or that the audience and mundane environment of the theater would be an occasion of sin? And what if the film itself contains pornography? What if the way in which it presents the characters of the period is overly vulgar or impure? Finally (I thought), perhaps it is better to wait for the cinema season, to see some reviews (it isn’t possible to spoil a story that in general we all know, at least generally) and then see the film on DVD.

The problem with this option was that, basically, if the story was well told and handled, the technology available in the theater (basically, sound amplified by 10) could enhance the spiritual benefit of being shown a multimedia version of a part of the Bible.

Therefore, with high expectations and relying on what happened 10 years ago with Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ, I decided to go to the theater, but taking certain precautions.

Important precautions

Due to the fact that we are presently living in the Great Apostasy, human evil has reached (almost) its limit, so that there is great demand for impure, violent, and vulgar content. Fortunately, in one of my wandering searches on the internet (search for news and click related links until finding something interesting), I found a site that sees movies in order to alert others of their content.

So I was able to verify the information available about NOAH, and I saw that within the limits it was acceptable (moderate violence and shocking dream images as well as short scenes in which the characters kiss each other, is what the webpage says) I decided to see the film in the theater.

Some days later, upon arriving at the ticket seller, I noted that most of the shows (morning and afternoon) were dubbed in Spanish, which did not please me;  since childhood I have developed my criteria with regard to dubbing, it is very good in drawings and bad in films, because the performance tends to be distorted (with very few exceptions), so I had to accept the only performance that had the original language as well as subtitles:  10:45 p.m.

At the theater

Already with a ticket in hand, I went to the corresponding room, [and upon] entering I noted immediately that the room was almost literally empty, which seemed both good and bad; it was good not to be next to people who might be occasion of sins (the theater is basically a den of impurity) but at the same time, the reason for which there were no people was a bad sign, a very powerful testimonial against the film and its content,; I dispelled this thought [by] attributing it to the inadequate hour, without imagining that my intuition was right about it.

The Work of the Holy Spirit, Aronofsky says: “I could have created a better plot”

The main problem with this movie is that it is not the REAL history, which was written under the INSPIRATION of the Holy Spirit, of Noah building the ark. The transformations, digressions and bad representations of Noah’s character, of the nature of his relation with God, and of the complete purpose of the act are so vast, deep and shocking that one cannot be exaggerating if one defined them as pure blasphemy.

Thus, I went from mild surprise to frustration, from frustration to disappointment, and from disappointment to indignation; by the end I wanted to leave the theater, but the only thing that kept me tied to my seat was the idea of disseminating this information to denounce this heretical, blasphemous and vacuous movie (and yes, there are several heresies) devoid of all the proto-evangelical force, in the hope that you will avoid seeing it and that you can also come into contact with a Catholic opinion about it.

Well now, even though this can be laborious or even tedious, and knowing that the level of attention of our generation is low, we are going to go over, in the greatest possible detail, all the indignant and diabolical distortions of this satanic film.

Diabolical Distortion #1

In the first scene, Noah as a child is listening to his father talk about their genealogy, so that in turn he can give his fatherly blessing to his son. Until then everything is fine. The strangeness starts when his father goes to give him, or pass on to him, the blessing (remember, the blessing is a link with God that is passed on from fathers to sons, with Messianic implications), because he starts by tying a type of fabric to his arm, as if he were a rabbi. This is mildly shocking, because present-day rabbis and all their rabbinical customs have nothing to do with the true religion nor with the true Church, which is why Christ condemned Pharaseeism – which originates the rabinic talmudism of today- and Christ even get to justly calling them sons of the devil, but understanding the mental lapses of the director, one lets it pass. What becomes surprising is when you realize that the fabric that Noah’s father uses to pass on the blessing isn’t fabric … it is the skin of the snake from the Garden of Eden! This goes beyond poetic license or artistic freedom or interpretation, this is Satanic blasphemy.

What’s sad about this is that the absolute and almost endless majority of people have no qualms about getting their theological “knowledge” from Hollywood movies (On more than one occasion, I have heard people say that dead people are beings who don’t know they are dead and they have to finish a physical task to “rest,” which is anti-theological garbage derived from movies like The Sixth Sense). This may suggest various thoughts that could constitute mortal sins with one’s intellectual faculties, which, multiplied by millions of people who might watch this movie, is saying a lot

The theological implications of this graphic message are the following:

1\. – The blessing can come from the Devil (this is in accordance with the Theosophy that says that Lucifer is the one who “brings light” and knowledge, which is also defended by diabolical people such as the possessed Cristobal Jodorowsky, son of Alejandro Jodorowsky)

2\. – The blessing is not a link with God to the past, nor a link with Christ to the future, but a type of magical initiation

3\. – The blessing is a transmission of sin (or the renewal of the rebellion of Adam and Eve)

This blasphemy, lie and distortion is terrible, and through it, St. Noah, on Judgment Day, will rise against this arrogant and impius heretic, bringing charges for his holy memory having been profaned, trampled on, and blasphemed.

Noah and the Angels… the fallen ones (Diabolical Distortion #2)

At the beginning of the movie, it is pointed out that the Cainites (Cain’s descendants) were helped by fallen angels (demons) in constructing an industrial civilization that devastated the land in the same way that our present-day apostate civilization is doing by destroying everything. In general, this is correct, since the Cainties were the corrupted part of Adam’s family tree, which is why it is impossible that they did not fall into the hands of demons and were “helped” by them. In fact, the Bible tells us the following:

“Adah gave birth to Jabal, who was the father of those who live in tents and raise cattle. The name of his brother was Jubal, who was the father of those who play the sitar and the flute. Zillah also gave birth to Tubal-Cain, who forged all copper and iron tools.”

Genesis 4, 20-22

In other words, the Father of artists was a Cainite. It is perhaps from here that it came to be that the arts in the absolute majority of cases were always filled with impurity, and artists from all ages always flaunted signs of damnation such as: idolatrous egoism, idolatry of impurity, diabolic greed, impiety, unbridled love for the world, including, when Christianity sought to utilize art (and artists) to expand its message of the Gospel and glorify Christ, we saw that the same artistic sense was an occasion to offend God, as in the case of the many paintings in the Renaissance period, where naked bodies and pornographic images appear in many places.

The Father of Ranchers was also a Cainite, which is also consistent, especially in this present-day generation that hates God (because currently the effects of concupiscence are often discovered naked and without any buffer on behalf of grace) where ranching plays an important part in the excessive enrichment of a few people, in the mortally sinful suffering of millions of animals (overseen by unscrupulous companies such as McDonalds) and in the poisoning and destruction of millions of human beings, because of meat corrupted by hormones, antibiotics and adrenaline is lethal to human health (without a doubt, a just punishment for this corrupt humankind).

We also see that the first industrialist was a Cainite, which is also very worthy of mention, especially when keeping in mind that the Industrial Revolution was backed by and had its beginnings primarily in England, which was then an Apostate nation and the spiritual fruit of adultery. Added to this, we can relate the growth and explosion of masonry back then in the north of Europe, and thus this (the use of one’s intellectual faculties to offend God and glorify The Creature) can very well be a distinct sign of Cain’s sons (the physical ones who were killed in the Flood, as well as the spiritual ones through the ages until the end of time).

With this passage that the Bible mentions about the Cainites, what can be pointed out is that the Cainites were attracted to these occupations maybe because they offered more occasions of sin in a general sense, not so much that the occupations in themselves were or are intrinsically bad.

Now, this evolves from being an essentially correct interpretation. For it to become the part of a central argument of this satanic film, we see that the Fallen Angels helped the Cainites guided by a sort of charity (in fact, in the movie, one is made to understand very clearly that it was a morally good act of compassion, however imprudent) and that for this reason, they were punished by God, joining themselves with the earth and becoming earthly, under the form of talking rocks (that’s right, talking rocks). They then come to tell us that these Fallen Angels… were hunted down and killed by the Cainites, which has various interesting theological implications, namely:

1.- The demons are capable of compassion (a heretical proposition, worthy of condemnation by a council)

2.- Demons can… die (a heretical proposition because of its obvious falsehood)

3.- Demons are trapped in this world, under material appearances (a heretical proposition, because it denies that Hell was created to house these diabolical spirits)

4.- Demons were not judged, only punished (it follows from this that they are not in Hell, but rather, they are being punished, they are spirits in pain, worthy of compassion; There is no need to state that this proposition is heretical, but of course it is)

The intellectual evil and doctrinal perversion of this child of the devil would be enough at this point (and we’ve analyzed barely 15 minutes of the film!). However, it doesn’t end there. We then see that Methuselah defended the Demons from extermination, which is an idea worthy of a Satanic sect. But it is strangely similar to the diabolic traditions of the Rabbis, who, for example, say that Eve was not the first woman, but Lilith, who rebelled against Adam and then voluntarily left the Garden of Eden to live with several demons.

Continuing in this slope into the abyss, Darren Aronofsky (who apparently absorbed profoundly the diabolical poison of his Jewish upbringing by conservative Jews) ends by telling us that Noah will visit some fallen angels to speak to his grandfather Methuselah, the which defend the mountain where he lives (more and more satanic references, oh well) to which most of them refuse to see that Noah is a human, at the end with the help of a demon manages to talk to his grandfather , who gives him a seed from the Garden of Eden, with which, when planted an entire forest grows immediately, thus: “Demons marvel and proclaim that they will help Noah build the Ark!”

This proposition, is so blasphemous and satanic, that only a human being filled with darkness could evoke something so deeply foolish in his imagination, this film is an evident punishment for this generation (one which seems to be the last generation before the End of the World), but let’s try to endure the cruelty of this perverse heretic, and let’s put, naked and without sensitive paraphernalia, the blasphemies of this this person and what his blasphemies involve.

1.- the demons are able to marvel at the power of god

2.- Demons are able to serve a Just, who is a friend of God (not by constraint, but willingly)

3.- The Demons, even knowing that the ark would serve to cleanse the world of iniquity that they sowed starting with Adam, want to help Noe

4.- Demons are morally able to make a promise and keep it, even against its primary interest

now we see the secondary implications of such horrific blasphemies

1.- The Ark is a type of the Church, therefore, the Church is built with the help of Demons (it is a version of the second degree of his satanic message that the blessing is transmitted through the skin of the serpent from the Garden of Eden)

2.- The Flood is a type of Baptism, therefore, Demons want to help in the regeneration of the world by water

This evilness is product of the skepticism of his author, because since he does not believe that Noe built the Ark, he saw in his mind the door open to extraordinary explanations (choosing, between the possible, the worst and most diabolic that I believe can be) instead of enphasize the idea that Noe took 100 years building it, instead of pointing that God was with him, instead of build his movie based on the truth, he preffered to make the lie the component that will make his version plausible.

For less, much less than this, some people were just ly burned at the stake, and for less, much less than this God sent death to individuals throughout the Old Testament, but the extreme of wickedness had to be unveiled at the end of World , by the Mystery of Iniquity

Diabolic Distortion # 3

If one reeds the Bible in the chapters concerning Noah and his ancestery, we read the following about Methuselah.

“Enoc I had sixty and five years when I fathered Methuselah. Enoc walked with God, living after fathering Mathuselah three hundred years. And I fathered sons and daughters. And all the days of Enoc were three hundred sixty and five years. Enoch walked with God and disappeared because God took him.”

Genesis 5, 21-24

Here we see therefore that Methuselah was the son of a holy man in the extreme, to the extent that it is praised by the Church Fathers and also by the Apostle St. Paul, who says of him (in an extremely beautiful and profoundly poetic chapter)

“By faith Henoch was translated, that he should not see death; and he was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had testimony that he pleased God.”

Hebrews 11:5

Well, I say (in the midst of questions that accumulate as a result of frustration) could Darren Aronofsky not get material for his film amidst the beauty of this proto-evangelical Enoch, father of Methuselah, in order to infuse true life and spiritual strength to its movie? could not have made a faithful hypothetical portrayal and imaginary representation of the sweetness of the relantionship between Enoch and Methuselah or his wisdom, or his translation to paradaise? (Ecclesiasticus 44:16) Does his soul is so shut to the grace and so foreign to beauty that cannot even make of a beautiful and true story, a film that contains beauty instead of death and darkness?

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

Luke 6:45

Well, instead of using the powerful poetic motives from the family that preced Noah, Darren Aronofsky, exuding malice and wickedness, also tramples the holy memory of Methuselah, by turning it into a stereotype of weird old man with shamanic gestures, that besides has some sinful weakness for blackberries … he also tells us (lying and blaspheming of the Holy Bible) that Methuselah continue to live till the flood, and that the flood killed him, curiously, in the preceding scenes, he spends looking for blackberries because he can not quench his desire (no matter that God is about to destroy mankind and without even wanting to enter the Ark-Church) and right after eating a blackberry is carried by the current, perhaps implying that he died right in the act of committing a mortal sin of gluttony (without a doubt it would be a mortal sin to invest several hours in search of a superfluous pleasure when he was fully aware of the impending devastation)

Also, continuing the blasphemous desecration of the memory of Methuselah, we see that, despite being the son of Enoch, he was rotten by moral relativism, as in a scene in which the wife of Noe asks him to help one of the characters to have children (an imaginary woman who has no biblical foundation for the events that surround her and Darren Aronofksy inserted) Methuselah at one point says (paraphrasing) “What is good and what is bad?, how to know and define what is good and bad? ” And this for someone who was raised by one of the greatest saints in history!

All right then, let’s see what the Holy Spirit says about Methuselah:

“Methuselah was 187 years old when he begat Lamech. After begetting Lamech, Methuselah lived for 782 years and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine years, and he died.”

Genesis 5, 25-27

That is, doing some counting Methuselah’s begot Lamech at 187 years old and Lamech (father of Noah) begot Noah when having 182 years of age as it says here:

“Lamech had one hundred eighty-two years when begot a son, and he called his name Noah, saying. This comforted us in our work and toil of our hands caused by the land which Yahweh swore”

Genesis 5, 28-29

that is to say that Enoch has 65 years of age when Enoch had begot Methuselah, and when Methuselah begot Lamech his grandfather Enoch had 252 years .. whereby the three had mutual contact (this single topic could form an entire movie) 113 years after Enoch was being translated to heaven, it seems difficult to understand how you can not subtract beauty of these simple events, where the imagination, without destroying the truth of the story, could tell the connivance from the Father of Noe with his Grandfather, or his translation to heaven 69 years before Noah was born

So when Noah was born, his grandfather Methuselah had 369 years, where we read the following verses:

“Lamech lived after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years, and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Lamech seven hundred seventy-seven years, and they died.”

Genesis 5:30-31

Let’s review our accounts again, Lamech lived 595 years after he begot Noe, why is this important? let us read:

“Noe had five hundred years, when begat Shem, Ham and Japheth”

Genesis 5:32

That is, that his Father had only 95 years more of life, and when Noah had three sons his Grandpa Methuselah had 869 years (ie, he had 100 years left of life) now let’s see the following:

“Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters came upon the earth.”

Genesis 7:6

That means his father Lamech had died five years earlier (this fact could have been a great argument to a good Catholic movie, with the psychological dynamics between the child and his father, and his pity for a corrupted world about to be tragically annihilated) this also means that his grandfather Methuselah would die that same year, but without entering into the ark, .. again, this simple detail could be the imaginative support of a Catholic movie, knowing that his entire family was holy (its Great-grandfather it’s among the greatest saints of all history, which is saying something) then imagining their interaction, their possible farewells, their distress and pity for the foolish world, this could have fed good doctrine and truth to millions of people, rather than infused them with falsehoods and horrendous anti-artistic representations

But beauty and truth are not at the heart of this person, but the fascination with the occult and the apparent beauty, the result of a twisted and dark imagination

Diabolical distortion #4

Another serious distortions that accompany the darkened work of this madman, is the occultish proposition that Demons can feel perfect contrition, because it invests nearly half of the movie showing the Demons building the Ark, after which it comes the moment beginning the flood, strangely, a large crowd of people wanting to enter the Ark, which is false and heretical, and that destroys one of the implicit truths of the story, i.e., that God gave 100 years to Noah to build the ark, giving time for repentance, whom ignored the work of Noah, in fact, the Church Fathers comment that Noah even preach repentance so that as many as possible be saved, but in this movie Darren Aronofsky tells us that it seems rather that God was the one who did not allow them to enter the Ark when it was just the opposite, his evilness despised the prophecy.

Anyway, continuing his iniquity, the film recounts that the Devils begin to defend the Ark so that people could not get in, this idea is true if applied extensively since Demons, in fact are very active in trying to prevent people from knowing the truth and the Catholic Church (as in these last decades have been amply demonstrated) but in this specific case, it is stated as an act which is in uniformity with God, now as the Cainites have the power to kill the Demons they begin to dominate them as they were too many, so that the main Demon (which has a strange name that I would not be surprised that it was taken from the Cabala or treaties of Demonology) is killed by the Cainites saying before his death this pathetic phrase “My Creator, forgive me”

Well, the weird thing, apart from a Demon talking this way is what happens after … the Devil (represented as a talking rock with small blazes within him) explodes, releasing an angelic form up to heaven with great spectacle, which another demon-speaking-rock exclaims “The Creator is bringing it back!”

After which all the other demons reached its redemption

Between this mountain of heresies and blasphemies, I wonder who will say this mere human, when confronting God? How he will defend his case before the Immaculate Lamb, seated on his throne of glory, guarded by his Holy Angels? With what face he will look at San Miguel, full of the indignation of God, to reproach him that his movie spreads satanic ideas on many fronts. These thoughts of mine had even more strength within my soul, as I understand that the end of the world is right at the door, and the Holy Humanity of the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ our Lord, is about to descend from heaven with glory and majesty , … How blind humanity has been Oh Lord!

“And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world.”

Apocalypse 12, 7-10

Diabolical Distortion #5

Another lying digression Darren Aronofsky takes the freedom of vomit in his infamous film, is the one of pointing out that Tubalcain could cling to the edges of the ark, and then, with a simple ax, make a hole in it to enter the Ark, helped in turn by Cam, who already for that part of the movie (more or less half) was about to give in to evil, hurt against Noah because he did not rescued a woman who he wanted for his wife

In all of the above (reported briefly) therein lies not a single distortion, but several intertwined, which are like a thicket full of knots that one does not know where a lie starts followed by a blasphemy or heretical proposition, but see, let’s split up

1 -. The idea that Tubalcain entered the Ark is a blasphemy against God and the Catholic Church, because the Ark is a figure of the Catholic Church, which is the only place of refugee amidst the disaster, it is also a mortally sinful lie

The most tragic part is that not a few will think that these lies that came from the pit of hell are based on the Bible (some others will think that are based on private revelations) with which their ignorance will be made even deeper

Now, let’s read if such an intrusion by Tubalcain to the Ark was possible:

“On that very day Noah entered the ark, with Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife them, and the three wives of his sons entered … as God had commanded. And after him, Yahweh closed the door.”

Genesis 7:13 and 7:16

2 – The idea that Cam was besieged by the desire for a wife is a vicious lie, read only previous verses which clearly states that all 3 had their wives, but this is emblematic of aronofosnky’s building his movie, he begins with a blasphemy to further continue with satanic imaginations, and to advance the plot, an event is connected with another through several lies

Guided by the lie Darren Aronofsky could not do anything but join this dissimilar elements, one after another, to make his movie even more poisonous, so we see that Tubalcain eats some animals within the Ark, which is an outrageous lie above all because it implies that God can be mocked and even sabotaged even in His central plans

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Galatians 6:7

Diabolical Distortions #6

Once inside the Ark, Tubalcain rests from his job (he was wounded in the confrontation against the Demons) and then is when the movie starts to become unbearable in their iniquity, in these scenes I started to pondering seriously to get out of there, but I stay for material to make my denounce, and the following happens:

The sons of Noe asked him to save people who were dying out because they can put ropes to enter the ark, to which Noah refuses sharply, which is received by their children with gestures of disapproval, this argument has no basis for the following:

1 -. Noah and his sons were good, that’s why they were in the ark, hence it is not plausible to have a distorted compassion for evil people, being that this would suppose a rebellion aginst God’s punishment

2 -. Noah (and it is easy to assume, their families) knew God had closed the door of the Ark, in which case the scene described above does not make sense

Subsequently Noah says an idea that has been stressed throughout the whole movie, and that is that humanity is annihilated by what he did to the earth, this is repeated several times, from the beginning to the time when they are already found in the Ark, this concept is heretical and diabolical for the following reasons

1 -. It is stated that God destroyed humanity in preference of the earth (hey, this reminds me of the false gospel of Greenpeace, which says that we should stop having children and approve abortion because animals need ecosystems)

2 – It states that an offense to earth is paramount, leaving away the concept of the offenses to God, in fact, by putting in a higher place (in its central motif) earth before God, Darren Aronofsky is just spreading the idolatrous idea that the earth is a kind of god or semi-god or spiritual being superior to humans, this kind of satanic messages populate the New Era, the messages of the “spiritual channels” circles of meditation, Hinduism and the philosophical currents of certain Luciferian Gnosticism

As if this were not enough outrage, Darren Aronofsky delves even more into this diabolical madness, by showing the following scenes pertaining the moral development of Noah around events, where Noe, basically goes crazy .. because he shows their children that the plan of God is to annihilate humanity in order that animals live comfortable and quietly, (at this point, it rather looked like horror movie, and indeed it was for it’s high saturation of satanic content) which is revealed in the following dialog -paraphrased by memory- “Sem you will die buried by us, Cam will bury us while we do the same to you, and Japheth, you will be the last human being on earth”

This outrage to the holy memory of Noah, is worthy of analysis because it is an extreme denial of the charity of Noah, a blasphemous denial of his justice

and mercy at the same time that points to God as the author of such madness and senseless plan

These sinister ideas, moreover, are a direct affront to the Incarnation, because Christ had to take flesh from the offspring of Adam, from the royal line of David, therefore, to insert into the plan of God the idea of ​​destroying all mankind, were no one to save would remain nor one from which the second person of the Holy Trinity could take flesh, voids of meaning the whole Gospel, all the books of the prophets, at the same time that precludes the existence of Christ’s Holy Humanity

It is worthy of mention that according to Catholic tradition, the number of blessed who will be saved by Christ till the end of the world, are exactly the same as the number of rebellious angels, thus, it is not surprising that Darren Aronofsky has represented the redemption of demons as he did, because without place in heaven for men, the false and heretical idea that mankind is eliminated in the flood is semi-coherent

The incredible wickedness of Darren Aronofsky is of epic dimensions.

Diabolical Distortions #7

Well, bearing the iniquity of such annoying anti-Christian vomiting (If you remove Christ from the picture, you are nothing but an antichrist) let’s continue:

Once that Noah communicates the scary plan that God revealed to him, there is only one kind of question, the wife of Sem (an imaginary woman Darren inserted in the story) that was infertile, it’s found pregnant, so Noah adds in the same scene described above:

“If your child is male, he will supplant Japheth as the last man on earth, and if it’s a woman, from which a human can be born, I’ll kill her after the birth”

Recalling this outrageous and insulting scene to the memory of the Holy Noah, I wonder how is it possible that a human heart, a human soul, can stand and be pleased in so great ugliness and wickedness? Take into account that a movie takes more than a year in the making, among all processes involved, how, then, can anyone support even thinking in disseminating such twisted imaginations?

Later even Sem tells Noah “are you crazy?” Sem and his wife then look to move away from the jurisdiction of Noah with a small boat, since the birth of their son approached, but Noah sets fire to the ship, causing Sem to say to his Father “why are you doing this? I thought you were good and that’s why He had chosen you” and Noah, with a sinister look replied “He chose me because he knew I could finish the job (i.e annihilate mankind) only that” then Noah and their children fight and Noah and Tubalcain and Noah finally prevails, while Shem’s wife is giving birth, in the end, with the hope lost, Sem’s wife tries to take refuge on the roof and Noah clims with a knife in order to murder the two daughters of Sem’s wife, but at the end, imprisoned by remorse and not knowing what to do (remember, all he knew was through rare dreams somewhat ambiguous) throws the knife saying to heaven “I cannot do this ”

It’s hard, and really annoying to analyze this movie, so full of poisoned poisoned, in which the use of magic is so present, for instance when the wife of Noah vierifies the pregnancy of Sem’s wife, or when the Cainites make weapons to “kill” the demons, it is also really worthy of analysis the cause of the madness of Noah, after all, God never speaks to him in an explicit, coherent and objective manner, but only ‘guides’ him with rare and ambiguous dreams if Darren Aronofksy would have been at least generally faithful to the proto-evangelical story, the ominous development of the plot would have been impossible, because in the Bible we read:

“I have here the story of Noah. Noah was a just man and perfect among men of his time, as he walked with God. And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. The earth was corrupt before God, then, and full of violence. So God looked at the earth, and behold it was depraved, for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

Then God said to Noah, “I have decided the end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with violence because of them, so here I will destroy them with the earth. Make thee an ark of gopher wood … For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh having the breath of life under heaven. Everything that exists on earth will perish. But I will establish my covenant with you: You will enter into the ark, you, and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you …. ” Noah did according to all that God had commanded him. Thus did he.”

Genesis 6:9-14, 6:17-18 and 6:22

We see here that God instead of guiding Noah like in shadows, with almost incomprehensible images, God directed Noah in an explicitly and paternal manner, not allowing him to feel abandoned or lost in his task (in fact, He even gives technical specifications for the construction of the ark) in contrast to the false Noah of Darren Aronofsky, which does not know what to do at some instances, which is full of doubts, not knowing if he interpret well the message or he is committing an epic mistake, well, .. that the real and historical Noah is separated by an abyss from this annoying and weak Noah from Darren Aronofksy, the separation is as sharp as that between light and darkness

Diabolical Distortion #8

Another distortion I would like to analyze is when Noah tells his children the Creation of the World and of Man, where, destroying the initial story of genesis, is seen on screen how every day means thousands of millions of years, with blasphemous images of a fish that becomes a lizard that becomes a mammal, which ends up being … Adam, and Eve .. ..

It is tragic to think and see, that more than 90% of the world population believe with blind faith and false sense of knowledge, in the religion of evolution, some in their own theistic version of it (that God used evolution to get to the human being, that is, that Christ has no relation to Adam as the first relative, but a microbe) and others in it’s Darwinian version, being that this theoty, has no scientific basis, for the following:

1 -. In order that evolution exist is necessary the addition of new genetic information in each new specimen, which means creating new genetic code .. well, wicked and blind “scientists” where does “natural selection” selects something that does not exists in the previous specimen? Is not this rather an idea worthy of someone who lost their mind, and moreover, does not have the slightest evidence for it?

2 – Evolution would not be possible in the thousands of animals that depend intrinsicly for vital functions (there are animals that can only digest their food with other animals)

3 – Evolution is not possible mechanisms of irreducible complexity, since the whole mechanism must be in place and synchronized, otherwise there is no function possible, well, every living being contains microscopic mechanisms guided by this principle, to the extent that the same proteins necessary for all life use this principle, it is as if God designed creation in a way that would not have been possible to interpret the evidence and explain how organisms function with gradual changes, but instead that exist a simultaneous creation of all the components

Around this issue, which is consuming the soul of many, and also destroying any confidence they may have in divine revelation, it is very useful to see the video of the Monastery of the Holy Family in this regard, Creation and Miracles, which here below can be enjoyed in full

In addition to this, a site that is very useful is the Protestant “answers in genesis” who, though Protestant, as it’s “ministry” is basically disseminating scientific information that destroys evolution, does not involve much danger of spiritual fog aa other protestants sites who spend their time disseminating diabolical ideas directed against the Catholic Church and “exegesis” against the Bride of Christ, rather concentrating their energies on attacking the Darwinist Religion. A Catholic can take advantage of their scientific information without supporting them with donations of any kind.

Diabolical Distortion #9

In the final scene, Noah blesses Sem’s daughters, and God (without speaking) deploys numerous circular rainbows in the sky, this scene also has problems, namely

1.- God does not bless Noah objectively, when the Bible says the opposite, here:

“And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them,” Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Have fear and tremble before you all the animals of the earth, and all the birds of the sky and everything that creeps on the ground and all the fish of the sea. In your hand are placed ”

Genesis 9, 1-2

The refusal to disseminate the truth of the direct relation of God and Noah is not a surprise in this diabolical movie, besides being supposedly God who had told him to annihilate his entire family (which relativizes even more God) but is in accordance with his evil vision of events, as in the last scenes were some characters emphasize the Kabbalistic idea of ​​the creative power of desicion, that man has, this idea is being spread from Hollywood to all corners of the earth, one of the most great exponents of this idea that makes man a kind of God is diffused in the Movie Matrix, in which from the desicion of Neo (the chosen-Mesias of that blasphemous film) depended the whole universe, its destruction or preservation, although the human will is free and it can choose one way or another, its scope is limited, ie, is not absolute, you could say that the human will being the likeness of the divine will, has properties that at a lower level mimic the absolutely free and sovereign will of God, and so, while God is fully sovereign and radically free human will is procreative, similar to its power of procreation with their offspring, as in this case, the human doesn’t create the soul of their child, but God. Following the similarities, human freedom and his desicion are confined to the providence of God and the divine will itself, not allowing anyone to choose what you do not really want (one reprobate might want to be saved, but his essence does not want it with pure intention, hence God allows his condemnation)

Well, one thing to note is the limited human will, to jump to the extremes that these hollywood directors jump, wherein the desicion of Noah to annihilate humanity or let her live, are properties of Noah, with God apparently being pleased with both.

Wow! I have finished.

This is perhaps one of the longest texts I have written so far on a single topic (excepted my Book against Heretics) sincerely the task was tedious and heavy, for I was in the position in which a plumber is when will unclog a pipe full of rubbish and filth of all kinds (Brother Peter pointed the same feeling in his article against John Salza) I hope not to have to remember this movie in the future

Why so much distortion? Who is Darren aronosfsky?

Perhaps, after all, I gave too much credit to Darren Aronofsky, since Christ had already warned us of the fruits of evil people, saying,

“For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit. For each tree is known by its fruit ”

Lucas 6, 43-44

Perhaps, in the hope that Noah were similar to “The Passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson I let myself became excited towards the possible outcome. My disappointment was as big as my expectation, but this was to be expected, after all, I remember that before being Catholic, I had the misfortune to see other two movies from him, Pi and Requiem for a Dream, .. the first has many doctrinal poison and rabbinic thought and the second a lot of moral decay and even pornography, which is why it was not morally possible for him to make a good movie, but rather perhaps one of his last offenses to God on his way to the abyss

My Catholic version of Noah

With the analysis of this film, I came up with a couple of ideas around an imaginary film that would be in accord with Noahs Biblical story, which will carry spiritual fruit and disseminate the Beauty of God’s ways

A Catholic Noah film could be as follows:

1 -. Simple and aesthetic Story of the interaction between Enoch, Methuselah and Lamech, with scenes from the wisdom of all of them and their mutual charity

2 -. Translation of Enoch to paradaise (Ecclesiasticus 44:16)

Ah, the poetic wonders that could be done with current technology to strengthen this real and historical argument, which would also have a concrete impact on the soul of the audience, because the reality of things that have happened is perceived by the soul intuitively, by communication of their guardian angels

In this section it could also add some logical inferences about why God took him, without lying or disrupt the Biblical story

3 – Birth of Noah and his relationship with Lamech and Methuselah

4 -. Direct and objective revelation of God to Noe

5 -. Noah preaching to the apostate world, with no result

How much material could be added only in this argument, how many parallels could be draw with today’s world, how many dramatic twists (is incredible the blindness in regards to of Darren Aronofsky) in this section it could be included various fictional characters with different types of evil people, in order to explore hypothetical interactions between Noe and every type of psychology

6 – Death of Lamech (relating his providential death to the imminent flood)

7 -. Continuation of the preaching of Noah the last five years, in this part could be lawful to introduce secondary characters who being evil, may be leaning to the preaching of Noah, but without taking decisive steps (due to human respect, weakness, etc.)

8 – Death and farewell of Methuselah

9.- Flood

one of the things that disappointed me the most in the movie of Darren Aronofksy was that the flood and doesn’t last even 10 minutes, and although the sound and everything else it impacting, it’s of no use to simply turn up the volume to the maximum if the support and heart of your movie makes no sense and is riddled with loopholes, what I would have been done would have been to extend the scenes of the flood for maybe 25 minutes of film, where the wicked people would perhaps make a big party for some extraneous reason, and focusing in detail in the fate of some secondary characters, for example, a character who was inclined to Noah and his preaching, but ultimately did not enter the Ark because their relatives or friends made fun of him, or perhaps another character who commits a mortal sin right before the time of the flood, and bitterly regrets having committed it (this sure will happen in the next end of the world, which is why it would be healthy, to include this realistic and plausible idea)

10 -. Happiness of Noah and his family, and thanksgiving

Both Darren’s film and others I’ve had the misfortune to see, never tire of reading between the lines with his perverse imagination, that Noah in the ark was sad and depressed, or that his whole family was rebellious in the Ark, which does not appear on any side and also does not make sense in the context of the sanctity of Noah and his great-grandfather Enoch, I rather imagine that it will be beautiful a tale of the glorification of God that Noah gave to their children, emphasizing how the nobility and integrity of them triumphed over the wickedness of the world, as well as a possible holy interaction, full of healthy thoughts and praise to God, this idea could be repeated in many different ways with the memories of Noah preaching to the people , their jokes, their iniquities againts him, how much material! It’s Incredible the blindness of Darren Aronofsky

11 -. Utilization of time

Just as in the movie of the Passion of Christ, the scene of Peter’s treason get’s an extraordinary force because it is shown as a flasback his reckless promise to follow him to death, in a good Catholic film, the use of time might suggest the salvation of mankind in the Ark because of Christ, or when Noah is in the Ark with his family, he could emphasize the state of humanity at the end of time, so similar to mankind before the flood

12 -. Blessing of God to Noah

Coming to the fulfillment of his work, Noah receiving the Blessing of God can be a Real and Historic event that in itself already contains much beauty, with current technology, such beauty could well be amplified

12.- Noah’s Death

The scenes of a sick person, are very useful to increase the moral depths of a character, his innermost thoughts and feelings, in the case of Noah, his hope in God, the beauty of a good death, and even to recount hypothetical memories of past temptations that were rejected, and how all at the end was worth it

14 -. Noah in the limbo of the Fathers, waiting for Christ

While Noe could not enter heaven after his death, in a Catholic film it is possible to communicate beauty by represent him in the Limbo of the Fathers, waiting for Christ

Anyway, just a couple of ideas as a result of the disappointment and frustration, although the movie was very bad and intolerable at times, the feeling of the gaps left in my soul gave me an idea of ​​what I would like to receive in a Catholic movie . Beauty instead of Decadence, Truth instead of lies, Light instead of Darkness, Love instead of hate, justice instead of injustice.


This movie, with all it’s defects and how bad it is, meets an interesting function, it puts at the center of world attention the figure of Noah and the Flood, which has apocalyptic implications, as Christ says

“For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noe entered into the ark”

Mark 24:38

Unfortunately, for the sins of humanity, God in His Justice did not allow us to receive a true and beautiful description of the story of Noah, but that a demon spread lies and blasphemies, perhaps this is related in part to God having bee given a great grace in the past, by allowing an accurate representation of his Passion with the movie of Mel Gibson, and seeing that Mel Gibson instead of becoming Catholic, abandoned himself to sin, then to seek the friendship of Jews, going to synagogues and even donating millions of dollars to their benefic causes, and also seeing that hardly anyone who saw the movie and felt a pulse of contrition and transformation, put that grace to work to bring it to its fullness, God allowed the message and reminder of the flood to come in time, but not as clear as 10 years before had come the description of His Passion

In fact, Most Holy Family Monastery published the following comments when the trailer was published, which are worthy of consideration:

As stated in 2 Peter 2, 5, that God “did not spare the ancient world.” The biblical flood was indeed as God destroyed the previous world view of the great wickedness of man. Only eight people were spared. Jesus also said that the last days and second coming will be like the days of Noah before the flood.

Matthew 24, 37-39: “For as in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man. In the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and did not realize until the flood came and took them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man. “

Since God is a God of justice and witness a God, He often sends subtle signals to the crowd indicating where we are in history. However, as many of those people will give little thought to the spiritual and religious themes, He sometimes allows or imposes these signals on where we are in history, and what He is doing and what He will do to deliver, be sent by other means: for example, through a film that many will hear it or see it.

The biblical flood was an impressive illustration of the power of God and, in fact, a true historical event with undeniable evidence of science. We have a video that talks about the flood and also refutes evolution.


Cast Overview

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Writers: Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel

Jennifer Connelly – Naameh
Ray Winstone – Tubal-cain
Anthony Hopkins – Methuselah
Emma Watson – Ila
Logan Lerman – Ham
Douglas Booth – Shem
Nick Nolte – Samyaza (voice)
Mark Margolis – Magog (voice)
Kevin Durand – Rameel
Leo McHugh Carroll – Japheth
Marton Csokas – Lamech

Noah (2014) of Darren Aronofsky: Blasphemies Upon Blasphemies

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