An Open Letter To Matt Walsh

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Hello Matt Walsh

I have read your blog several times and I do like some of the content, For instance your article against the transgender-transaged or the one who destroys Planned Parenthood with a powerful analogy

I have noticed that you reject some moral evils such as abortion, homosexuality, etc, and have the plus to write interestingly and dress up your ideas with helpful examples that refute those who oppose you in some areas.
For this reason (that you seem to have develop a natural quality for discernment and seeking the truth in some important areas) I want to share with you this two videos. A real truth seeker will not dismiss to watch them.

Even though you may get bombarded by requests for watching material from others, I hope and pray that this information will eventually get to you, you will watch it, digest it, embrace it, and go to heaven as a result.


An Open Letter To Matt Walsh

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