Pokemon Go has to Go!

pokemon go has to gopokemon go has to go


ITEM NAME: Pokemon Go

ITEM TYPE: Software Application

Reasons for inclusion in the INDEX

1. Promotes magic and the occult.

2. Promotes massive waste of time.

3. The design of the application makes it more likely that imprudent decisions be taken, such as walking on a cliff and eventually falling off just to “catch a pokemon” or going to an unknown place just because another user wants to give a pokemon, which can result in robbery and death and therefore the loss of the soul.

4. The application asks for too many permissions to operate, such as the camera, the current location, and apparently also the microphone. This type of information can be used in unethical ways by the owners of the application, or external agencies that are likely to have agreements with the creators of the application.

Personal Comment:

It is truly tragic, that people, instead of praying and trying with all their might to reach eternal life, waste countless hours on a stupid application that does not generate them any real benefit. Users of Pokemon Go that end up in hell (which unfortunately will be a large majority) will weep with great regret for having so pathetically wasted their precious time.

It is also important to note that Pokemons are infernal representations of imaginary beings, which means that they are very similar to demons. Therefore playing Pokemon Go can also be equivalent to summoning demons, and this is especially true on account of the promotion of magic by the Pokemon franchise.


Pokemon Go has to Go!

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