The Process Of Starting A Website

Creating a websiteCreating a website

The decision to create a website came to me a long time ago, but in the past it had just been a dream. For one thing, I did not have the necessary means to complete the task, nor did I have any knowledge of how to do it. But thanks to the help that some people have given to us in the past 5 Months, we were able to start working on this big project, which we hope can reach many new people.

Part of this project includes this blog that you are now reading, since I was compelled by the evidence that suggest that having a blog has many advantages. In this blog you will find out some of our adventures regarding things that we do with our Apostolate. Which will be like a “behind the scenes” of all of this.

This website is the result of the help many people have provided to us and I sincerely hope that God will pay to every one of them according to their charity.

But for now I would like to share with all of you, some of the work and research I did before launching this project.

Since I didn’t know anything in relation to creating a website, I began to read as much as possible on the subject. I was a complete beginner and this process took me almost a month. I knew that I was ready when I began to see repetitive patterns in the information I was researching.

The second step I took was to create the website in my mind, which in turn had me creating a text version of it. Just 5 pages, containing all the Top Level Domain sections, pages and sub-pages that the initial website would have. This helped me tremendously to create my SEO strategy before creating any content.

Even though it help. Once I was creating the pages and after receiving some feedback, I had to edit my 5 page blueprint and created a second final-version of it.

Finally, I ended up writing some articles (including this one) offline on my laptop. Which is also a technique that I recommend in order to stay focused.

All of this work in order to reach more people with the Catholic Faith, which is the most important task during this Great Apostasy.

I hope that you can relate to this work. Don’t forget to share this website,, if you like it.


The Process Of Starting A Website

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