Was P. Rama Coomaraswamy A Catholic? No.

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Brother Dimond:

I’m learning a lot from your website and have purchased your Outside the Catholic Church there is Absolutely No Salvation and some other materials.

I’ve belonged to an SSPV parish for many years, but now see their connection with heresy. I’m thinking that I could still go there for confession from time to time or receive communion (they do have some valid priests), but should disconnect in all other ways. But if you know of a better place for the sacraments (I live in Minneapolis) I’d be glad to hear
of it.

BTW- I’m sure you don’t agree with everything written by Fr. Coomaraswamy, but I knew him and was able to visit with him in Arkansas in the last few days of his life (July 2006). He was good friends with Malachi Martin and was able to confirm that Fr. Martin had ultimately become a sedevacantist (had a letter stating it in Fr. Martin’s own handwriting). The thing that was most concerning Fr. Coomaraswamy was an intense upsurge in demonic activity in the Chicago area. It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but within 2 years Barach Obama had come “out of nowhere” (Chicago) and was on his way to the whitehouse.



MHFM: Thanks for the interest.  No, you should not go to the SSPV for anything, not even for confession.  They are notorious and imposing heretics.

           The SSPV – a group which believes in salvation outside the Church 

Our file on: Where to go to Mass or confession today? explains the guidelines on options for the sacraments.  (If a person is in full agreement on the issues, we can also help him with that if he contacts us.)  Regarding Martin, even if he did become sedevacantist, he had other problems.  He believed in salvation outside the Church.  In one interview he expressed his heretical belief that Buddhists can be saved. 

Regarding Coomaraswamy, he also believed in salvation outside the Church.  We knew him a little bit.  He was so heretical on that issue, in fact, that he made a statement to the effect that many pagans will be saved.  But actually that’s what most sedevacantist and “traditional” priests believe on that issue.


Was P. Rama Coomaraswamy A Catholic? No.

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