Rome Has Lost The True Catholic Faith

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Rome is the center of apostasy in our day. In Rome we find the head of The Whore of Babylon, the pro-homosexual and pro-transexual: Anti-pope Francis.

And even though it is not a city of millions of inhabitants, its malice is greater than that of New York or Washington DC. For the City of Rome has lost the Catholic Faith, which is the most valuable gift humanity could have ever received from Christ himself. Also, because Rome has done abominations against God himself and His Holy Church, by which it reduced the Church to a remnant in the last days.

Thus it is crucial to warn the general public and particularly those searching for the truth, that Rome is the center of apostasy and has turned into the Whore of Babylon.

So here you will see news, articles and videos against this satanic sect, which destroys souls and takes them to hell.

To begin with, I strongly recommend that you watch these Catholic videos denouncing this Satanic whore.

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Rome Has Lost The True Catholic Faith

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