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When a person has converted to the Catholic faith in these times, they quickly realize that the world is full of darkness, and what is worse, is that they are practically alone, maybe even alone at an impacting level, for example, discovering with horror that they are perhaps the only Catholic in the country.

Therefore, not having anyone who has walked the same path that he or she has. There are also no role models in the context they live in, with which inexperience can mean the condemnation of such a person.

I understand all this because most of what I point out happened to me personally. If you still do not understand what I mean, I will point out some approximate statistics on the apocalyptic disgrace we are unfortunately living.

There are approximately 1000 million followers of Rome and Antipope Francis, they are not Catholic, but claim to be. The overall majority believe in at least one heresy, and even that non-catholic people can get to heaven (Contrary to the Council of Florence ) but to be more accurate, it is more usual that they believe in several heresies, perhaps a dozens at the same time.

This group hears an invalid Mass in their own local language, which was instituted by anti-Pope Paul VI in fulfillment of the prophecy that states that the daily sacrifice would cease.

Of these 1000 million non-Catholic lost souls, there are about 5 million who follow Rome and recognize anti-pope Francis as a valid pope, but that criticize everything or almost everything he does. Usually they have validly ordained priests and Latin Mass where Christ is truly present.

This group is more conservative. But even so, are heretics. Especially for denying the Dogma ‘Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation’ and accepting stubbornly as valid a fanatical heretic who has outrageously reached the point of celebrating the Protestant Reformation this past October 13th, instead of celebrating (at least externally) the miracle of the Sun that Our Lady did in Fatima Portugal.

The tragedy is that this group is aproximately 90% of the entire compendium of conservatives.

Outside of the approximately 1000 million followers of Rome, lies the sedevacantists group. The members of this group usually belong in the past to the 5 million that follow Rome. But had enough honesty to accept the obvious and to reject Anti-pope Francis. Thus they publicly split from Rome.

This group, in my experience, has about 200,000 followers worldwide. So as you may have already noticed, we are now talking about a minority of a minority.

Unfortunately, although they are closer to the truth, even so they are not Catholics. Because although separated from Rome by rejecting his anti-pope, are united in heart to the doctrine of the Vatican II Sect, in particular what is stated in Lumen Gentium, which is the “dogmatic” constitution of Vatican II sect .

This is so because they also believe it is possible that a non-catholic can be saved and go to heaven.

And finally you have us. The Catholics in this Great Apostasy. Although I could not exactly estimate how many we are, I think it is very likely that we are less than the sedevacantist group who deny the Dogma ‘Outside the Church there is no salvation’. We may be, perhaps, between 70.000 to 140.000 although these figures are maybe even too large. There are entire countries that I have knowledge of that it is highly likely there be only one Catholic living there.

And it is for this apocalyptic catastrophe that I think it is vital to spread what I have learned and share it with you.

Since the last 50 years have been of catastrophe and of spreading heresies. Much knowledge has simply been lost and much of the knowledge that should have been generated simply was never generated because there was no one who would generate it. I am referring to practical knowledge about being Catholic in our time, how to pray using technology for the benefit of the soul. How to live without exposing themselves to occasions of sin. ETC, ETC.

Knowledge that is useful and may even play a role in the salvation of souls. A kind of Catholic cultural contextualization.

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