Terms and Conditions of volunteer work

When sending volunteer work to rexisrael.com you agree to the following terms

1. The submission is a voluntary donation to Rex Israel

2. Any direct or indirect material benefit derived from the work you have agreed to donate will be at Rex Israel’s disposition and Rex Israel will be the one to decide who to delegate the rights of the work submitted

3. As a donor, you give full rights and will not be able to claim them once the work is sent in to rexisrael.com

4. The work that is directly related to the original work of Most Holy Family Monastery belongs to Most Holy Family Monastery, but you as a donor, transfer the rights of usage to rexisrael.com

5. Volunteers will be credited as follows:

5.1.- Volunteer’s name or preferred pseudonym will be published in the section ‘credits’, as long as the volunteer expressly desires it and is a traditional Catholic

5.2 If the person loses the faith or commits moral scandal, their name will be removed from the section ‘credits’, if their name was in that section to begin with

5.3.- In the case you are not a Tradicional Catholic, we reserve the right to publish the name or not in the section ‘credits’, if the name is not published, the initials may appear in the same section.

6.- Original work that we wish to translate to other languages continues to be property of the creator.

Terms and Conditions of volunteer work

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