The Obligations Of A Christian path

Q. What is man obligated to do first?
R. To seek the ultimate end, for which it was created.
Q. For what purpose was it created?
A. To serve God and to enjoy Him.
Q. With what works are God best served?
R. With works of Faith, Hope and Charity.
Q. What does Faith teach us?
A. That we believe in God as truly infallible.
Q. What is Hope?
R. That we hope in him, as in infinite power.
Q. What is Charity?
A. That we love Him above all, as the highest good.
Q. How will we know how to believe?
R. By understanding the Creed and Articles of Faith well.
Q. How do we have to wait and ask?
R. By understanding the Our Father well.
Q. How to act?
R. By understanding well the Commandments we are to keep, and the Sacraments we are to receive.
Q. Then we are bound to know and understand all this?
A. Yes, because we can not fulfill it without understanding it.

The Obligations Of A Christian

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