The wickedness of abortion

Note: we received this brief note from one of our readers and we want to share it with you, it is regarding the level of evilness that abortion has based on the support it receives from other people. Some parts might be slighlty edited for readability.

Abortion promoters further what is UNWORTHY, inhuman, and extremely opposed to justice and virtue.

Millions of Americans promote the deaths of millions of babies yearly.

Here is a question that might reduce abortion support: Isn’t HELPING in a killing also DOING a killing?

Let’s go with my guess that a hundred million people in the US support abortion. Hold that thought, and partner it with this legitimate, respectable, and published, estimate: There are 13.4 million babies aborted every year in the USA.

google search reference: “13.4 million abortions” (1 result) !

Surprise: Daily, this REALLY IS 3.66872 trillion murder-counts! How much injustice is that?


Earnest prayer is needed. We must reject Abortion.

The wickedness of abortion

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