What is Judaism?

A ‘Jew’ from today vs a Jew from the time of Christ or beforeA ‘Jew’ from today vs a Jew from the time of Christ or before

Judaism is, after the Resurrection of Christ and his ascension into heaven, an anti-Christian religion precisely because they deny with diabolical obstinacy The Messiah, for the same reason, this false religion is the most diabolical that exist, even worse than Freemasonry, Satanism and Islam.

The main reason for it being the worst of all false religions, is because their doctrine is based specifically on the rejection of Christ, which is explicitly anti-Christian, as the Bible says:

“Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.”

1 John 2:22

While it is true that any false religion attacks or contradicts the infallible truth. Judaism rises even more in malice by attacking both the true facts that prove that Christ is the Messiah and the same truth incarnate: Christ.

Greater malice can not be found in any other false religion.

And worse, the heirs of this plague and infernal curse are also in fact responsible for the sin of Deicide, which can not be duplicated by anyone in history.

And these are the Dogmatic bases that show that Judaism is an anti-Christian religion.

In this section you can read articles exposing the evil of anti-Christian Jews in various areas of life.

What is Judaism?

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