Why Is Gold Valuable?



Most people know that gold is valuable to them and that is all they know, just a fact that needs no explanation. Later, a few people might seek to know the cause of such value, when met with conundrums such as these:

Why was gold considered valuable in the world, by cultures that sometimes had no contact with others whatsoever?

Why is gold valuable even to this day, if we have so many forms of value that could, technically replace it?

And this is where the discussion about the value of gold begins.

Some say that gold is valuable for its technical qualities, I partly agree with this position, but I think that it is incomplete. Gold was valuable even in times in which such technical qualities remained unknown or under-utilized. There must be something more.

Others point out that it was simply an agreement between humans, an agreement. Gold and other metals were chosen because they seemed attractive, in particular gold.

Strangely, I have not found anyone to point out what for me, as a Catholic, is evident.

Gold is valuable because God gave it value. Gold is one of the natural currencies that God created for mankind.

It’s that simple, that is why gold was valued by all cultures around the world. And that is why gold, even today is still valued.

And I saw, and behold a white cloud; and upon the cloud one sitting like to the Son of man, having on his head a crown of gold, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 14:14

Now, by God giving value to something, He also gives it intrinsic properties that support its value. This is true both in humans as in materials. When God raises us from our miserable condition, and with sanctifying grace makes us worthy of heaven, He infuses spiritual gifts, which makes us truly valuable.

Well, something similar happens with the material objects that God wishes to give special value. In the case of gold, these are some of its notable features:

1. Conducts electricity and heat fairly well.

2. It resists corrosion and decay, that is, it resist entropy.

3. It’s rare.

And that is why gold is valuable, not because humans gave it its value, but because it is the natural form of currency that God gave to the world.

God also created gold, in my opinion, to have a physical reference on spiritual realities, so gold is a physical parable, with which God seeks to help us understand what is truly valuable.

That the trial of your faith (much more precious than gold which is tried by the fire) may be found unto praise and glory and honour at the appearing of Jesus Christ:

1 Peter 1:7

In order that we could understand this better, God first left us a physical trace. And then The Holy Ghost through Peter makes reference to the sign that He himself created.

Well, there is your answer, why gold is valuable. Of course, this is just an introduction, we will try to expand on this with more information.

Why Is Gold Valuable?

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